50th Church Establishment

Half a century has passed since Sungrak Church’s foundation. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Sungrak Church. Relying on the Bible, Sungrak Church has a God-centered faith based on The Picture of God’s Will. Sungrak Church was founded by God’s calling as an independent church. It follows the ‘Return to the Word’ Berea Movement.

Sungrak people have grown and endured for 51 years with Semuon. We accomplished this until today. This would be impossible without your dedication and faith. The Holy Spirit helps us to protect the Church with the Overseer. It is the Lord’s body. We oppose the devil’s authority. The deacons who stood by me for so long are my brothers and sisters. We held hands, knelt before the Lord, and overcame trials together.

This is right. This is us. This is our calling.
This is our work for the future.

Sungrak Church and all Sungrak People gave Glory and Gratitude to God through ‘Christmas Celebration Services’

Sungrak Church gave glory to God through ‘50th Church Establishment of Christmas Celebration Praise Service, Christmas Eve and Christmas Celebration Worship. Sungrak People also had a great time sharing love and joy to neighbors through donation of Ramyun(Korean instant noodle) and charity.

On December 22nd, in Christian World Mission Center(CWMC), Sungrak Church had a Christmas Celebration Praise Service. The title of the service, “Stand Firm & Immanual” lead to praise God who did not count equality with God the Father but who came and lowered Himself as a servant. Also, praise the love of God that sent the word and the Holy Spirit from bosom of the Father. Furthermore, Sungrak Church has appreciated for giving us hope of resurrection and salvation of grace to our spirit.

This Christmas Celebration Praise Service was held by Sungrak Choir Department and New Heaven Choir and tried playing new music genres uniting church members, soloists and C.C. Band. The Worship Service moved all people’s heart and the rich texture of lighting, music, and chorus centered around stage of main sanctuary.

This day, the overseer Sung Hyun Kim encouraged church members “To be strong and courageous in the world because God of Immanuel is always with us (Matthew 1:18~23)”. Also, he encouraged our faith saying, “Sungrak People who are called to the Church of the body of the Lord, the people fulfill the duty as the body of the Lord. Be strong and courageous there will be glorious name in the Heaven”.

Also this year, Sungrak Church held the Ramyun donation event to share gratitude of Christmas with neighbors like last year, Church Laypersons Union and Wolsan NGO Foundation has cooperated.

Furthermore, the church provided donation to support vulnerable social group and the poor participating “2020 the hope Ondol Soft winter project” with Guro.

Sungrak Church sent the church slogan of 2019, “Let us protect Our Church” and welcoming the slogan of 2020 “My Soul, Restore Our Church.” Sungrak Church emphasized, “We hope to build more firm and generous church. Also, we hope the practice of loving church to protect and restore can also be extended to practice loving neighbors”, the church brightened the hope of end of year.