Greetings to the senior overseer on your birthday. Thank you for teaching us to grow with the Word of Truth. Through the Berea Movement that you started, we realized the truth and God’s will. By practising the truth all your life, you made us see that Jesus is still working. By receiving this Word, we also experience the same power of the Holy Spirit.

Although you are persecuted, you never stopped preaching the truth. I learned that truth and persecution are always together. We want to obey the Word of Truth that came through you, and we want to do everything with the name Berea. Our church has been using the name Berea since we established the church, and we are very proud of it.

Yesterday, the ministry of religion and ministry of public security showed up and stopped the service. They took Berea books and various materials. And they dragged me, my wife, and the deacons and questioning throughout the afternoon. We did not deny the name Berea. They asked us to go to the place of worship designated by the state and worship there and go to the religious department to register. One man of the religious department said to me, “Why do you use the name Berea? If you change the name, nothing will happen!”. However, we have decided to share the glory and suffering of Return to the Word Berea from the beginning of the church.

We thank for giving us a share in the reward of Return to the Word Berea Movement. The Lord Jesus is with us, and we are not afraid but only being thankful. We want more souls in his area to bear the hardship first to receive this precious Word.

Thank you to the senior overseer and the mother church for raising us all the time. Although our church is small, the ways we are going is the way Jesus went, the past saints went, and you the pastor went. We also want to follow the same way.

Please stay healthy pastor and pastor’s wife. Again, happy birthday. Also, I hope overseer Sung-Hyun Kim to be healthy.

June 17th, 2019
OO Berea Church
Sincerely from Pastor OOO


I am very thankful to our almighty God Jesus Christ and Holy spirit who has touched your heart to support Jesus College by sending precious Books where Jesus College’s whole family are getting benefits by reading these books. Also we are very glad and pleasure with Sungrak Church mission team and family who are mentoring us in a spiritual realm. As my staffs, teachers, and students are reading these books they said they are very much blessed. Even I feel and experience the power of God while I was studying these books.

As being a Christian i.e. follower of Jesus Christ we must know who is devil, demon, Satan, deceiving spirit. If we know the power of Satan then only we can fight with him and his follower. So these books helps us how to fight and destroy devils in Jesus name. Also help us to recognize how they want to enter in human’s life. If we don’t know their function then we cannot cast out them from our life so by reading these books we got from the word of God that how to cast out them that is in the Name of Jesus Christ and in His authority alone.

I am very thankful for teaching us in Godly way. Thank you for your warm love, concern, and support. We are always thankful and praying for your continuous support.

Thank you.

May 9th, 2019
In His Service
Ps. Ravi
Managing Director of Jesus College