May 17, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

He Calls Us to Repent

(Luke 5:31-32)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the merciful Father.
sent His promise to make the world repent.
Repentance is a faith confession to be saved (Mk 1:15).
The Law
brings repentance to those who do not know it (Mt 3:11).
But even if you repent, if there is no sacrifice for atonement,
it is useless (Heb 7:18-19).
John the Baptist gave baptism for repentance,
but this was to understand the original meaning of the Law (Acts 1:5).
tears down the eternal wall between God and man –
it is the command of life (Eph 2:15-18).
Jesus came to the world to make it repent (Lk 5:32).
Without repentance, there is no faith (Js 2:26)
and no salvation.
Man’s righteousness and merit is certainly not repentance.
It needs the shedding of blood (Heb 9:22).
The cross of Jesus is the door to repentance.
All those who repent will enter through it.
This is baptism by immersion (Acts 2:38).
○ Whether they are righteous, religious or deserve praise,
if they do not repent in Jesus’ name, it is invalid.
Only repentance will pass through the door to life.
○ Repentance makes you realize you are a human to perish.
The Holy Spirit comes on those who repent like this.
○ Those who repent in Jesus’ name are baptized.
They are people of Christ with nothing more to repent.
The Holy Spirit seals them and enters their hearts.
※ Those who repent in Jesus’ name
are all one body with Jesus Christ,
so you must never again be enticed by sin.