May 6, 2018 Ears to Hear the Lord’s Voice (Revelation 3:14-22)

Sermon Outline

is the Lord of Justice.
rules over the world with justice (Ps 89:14)
with the love of God (1 Jn 4:8).
God’s justice is life to us (Hab 2:4).
Whoever wants to live must follow justice.
Since we are already corrupt, justice judges us
and appears as death (Rom 6:23).
This is the Law (1 Cor 15:56).
Our faith needs to be zealous. You need to be zealous
to know and receive God’s love.
Being lukewarm is unbelief.
It is does not know God’s love.
If you do not know God’s love, you will be spit out (Rev 3:16).
Hear the Lord’s voice (Rev 3:20).
Faith is to hear the word of the Holy Spirit.
The word of the Holy Spirit is truth (Rev 3:22).
Truth is to speak of Jesus Christ. It is the word of grace.
Do not deceived by lies but hear true words.
Only the truth is true words.
◌ Why put more authority on lies?
True words are the truth.
The truth is the word of Jesus’ blood.
◌ The word of Jesus’ blood takes up all faults.
It is the word which imparts grace.
You must receive grace for your spirit to live.
◌ Those with ears to hear the word of the Holy Spirit
live in their spirits and gain peace.
The truth is the word of life with saves the spirit.
※ Do not entrust your spirit to lies.
Trust in the truth.
The truth will lead your spirit to eternal life.

Semuon’s Letter

During the time that I have lived in this world, I have had to endure many things. The things I have had to endure are largely things that have demanded my perseverance and struggle. Therefore, if I look back on all the things I endured my whole life, they have ended up being a struggle with myself. I have had to struggle with myself a hundred times every day.

The things I have had to endure in this world are things that make men depressed, disappointed, enraged and angry. Like a wind that blows but is not seen with the eye, the anger that flares up within me is truly difficult to endure. At times, I feel like dirty curses will come out of my mouth, and I try to restrain myself. I have had to fight this tiresome fight. This must be why the people of this world drink alcohol. They must be trying to conquer their stress by the intoxication of alcohol. If all these emotions inside me were collected together, how evil and filthy would I appear? However, the Holy Spirit abides within me and rules my temperament, my personality and my temper. Therefore, I can overcome the wicked challenges of the world.

The wicked jealousy of Cain was a great worry to God. God said to Cain, “Sin desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” But Cain did not have the strength to overcome it. The Nephilims did not have spirits, and therefore were no more than beasts. But Cain was born of a living being, and was, therefore, a spiritual being. And even though the Holy Spirit did not abide within him, he received the warning from God, and the commandment of the word of God was given to him. But Cain rejected it.

The word of God is something that I am supposed to obey, but the power of the Holy Spirit is the power that the Holy Spirit works personally. I obey the word of God and I can overcome my temper. I have endeavored to overcome it by the power of the Holy Spirit. The new day has come, but what new problem will come to me today? Even trivial things continue to bother me.

I am like a candle light placed in the desert, with the wind blowing everywhere and in every direction. I do not know when the wind will blow it out or make it stumble. Therefore, I only live by the word of the Lord. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit can I overcome. The power of the Holy Spirit is not the power that oppresses another man, but it is the power that dominates me.

When we look at a comic book or a film, we often see the protagonist using a particular skill to defeat the enemy. The power of the Holy Spirit is not a magic power like that, but it is the power that indwells me and controls the evil inside me. Angels are currently helping me and doing the work of controlling other people. But the Holy Spirit does not fight another person. He indwells within me, suppresses me and covers me, and gives strength to my soul. That is why I live and persevere every day.