May 13, 2018 One Person Does the Work of Many (Luke 19: 11-27)

Sermon Outline

is one.
created all things and governs them (Heb 1:3).
He gave a seed to all things, and the seed grows to become a tree.
Just as one Adam became humanity to fill the earth (Gen 1:26-28),
from one Jesus Christ, He made as many as the stars of the sky.
They are the people of Jesus (Jn 3:16).
one grain grows into much grain,
and one mustard seed becomes a great tree which birds rest on.
God gives to everyone faith like a good seed (Mk 16:14-16).
Each faith is like ‘one mina’.
one person does the work of ten people and is praised,
another does the work of five people and is praised,
and another cannot do even one person’s work
and disappoints the Lord Jesus.
Those who receive the Lord’s grace should not disappoint Him.
We all received faith like one mina.
Those who manage their faith will be loved.
◌ A mina has a king’s image stamped on it.
Faith is proof you carry a King’s image.
This is the image of Jesus Christ.
◌ The person with Jesus Christ’s Image
will witness more diligently and do the portion of ten people.
The people of Jesus will be revived that much.
◌ Laziness is unbelief.
Jesus Christ’s Image is obscured
and they have no power to obey.
※ Each believer should do the portion of two or three people.
Whether preaching or devoting, everyone should do the portion of two or three people.
One person should bear the portion of ten people.