November 17, 2019 May the Kingdom of God come (Matthew 12:22-29)

Sermon Outline

is spirit.
created all spirits
in heaven, on earth and under the earth (Phil 2:10).
The Spirit of God is light (John 3:21).
The spirit of Satan is darkness and fears the light (John 3:19-20).
When mankind disobeyed, they became sinners (Rom 5:17).
Sin leads to perishing. It is the authority of death.
Sinners follow the ways of this world
and the ruler of the kingdom of the air – the devil (Eph 2:1-3).
He is the spirit working in those who disobey.
All diseases and curses leading to death
are controlled by the ruler of darkness (1 Cor 15:56).
The authority of death reigns over them (Rom 5:21).
Man’s own cultivation, power and religion
can never overcome darkness. How can darkness overcome darkness?
Jesus Christ alone is the Light (Acts 4:12, John 8:12).
The Holy Spirit testifies to the Light.
When the Holy Spirit drives out darkness,
the Kingdom of God comes upon you (Matt 12:28).
○ Depression is due to the authority of darkness.
You can never be blessed if you are depressed in heart.
Fullness of the Holy Spirit will expel demons, that is, depression.
○ If you leave your depression as it is,
you cannot be free from the devil’s authority.
Gain freedom by the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
○ The Kingdom of God is truly free.
To be truly free, demons must be driven out.
This is done by the Holy Spirit’s power.
※ Evil thoughts, obsession and depression
are dwellings places of demons.
God’s Kingdom comes by the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Semuon’s Letter