November 10, 2019 Be blessed by faith (Galatians 3:5-9)

Sermon Outline

is blessing.
When He created heaven and earth,
He blessed each day (Gen 1:28).
Blessing is the Creator’s authority and love (Deu 26:15).
God commanded blessings to Abraham (Gen 12:1-2),
and Abraham became a blessing.
The cause of blessings
is not the Law, but faith alone (Gal 3:6-7).
God regarded Abraham’s faith as righteousness (Gen 15:6).
Whoever has faith along with Abraham
is blessed along with Abraham (Gal 3:8).
If you do not love God, you do not have faith (John 21:15).
Faith is shown by obedience (Gen 22:16-17).
God commanded,
“Sacrifice your son whom you love as a burnt offering.”
Abraham obeyed and offered his only son (Gen 22:2).
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matt 6:21).
Abraham’s entire asset was his only son.
He poured all his spirit, heart, and body into this asset.
He loved God and offered this asset entirely.
○ Love is done using all your spirit, heart and body.
This is obedience and faith.
Giving reluctantly is because you do not love.
○ Who will use all their heart and strength?
Those who love God.
Jesus Christ is our model. He offered His life.
○ If anyone says he has faith but has no deeds,
his faith is dead.
Jesus Christ is the model of our faith. He is the Lord.
※ We must go to God
through the righteousness of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit inspires and leads such a person.

Semuon’s Letter