November 25, 2018 The Advocate, the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-21)

Sermon Outline

is merciful.
created the angels in heaven
and sent them to help Israel (Heb 1:14).
Angels were advocates to Israel (Heb 1:5-7).
since angels belonged to heaven,
they do not always stay with people.
They go back and forth between God and the saints (Rev 8:3-4).
since the Holy Spirit is the Advocate, He will be with us forever (Jn 14:16).
The Holy Spirit does not work on His own accord,
but reveals Jesus Christ only as He hears (Jn 16:13).
He interprets Jesus’ words, and make us understand (Jn 14:26)
and witnesses to them, that is, the word of truth.
You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.
These are assisting angels (Acts 1:8).
Power increases and decreases (Mt 26:53-54),
but the Holy Spirit never changes (Rom 8:11).
The Holy Spirit reveals the Lord’s works.
○ You must live your faith life
only by the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit never leaves.
○ The Holy Spirit’s works
reveal Jesus’ works.
They are miracles, signs and great wonders.
○ The character of the Christian Church
is to reveal the Lord’s works even today.
We must reveal Jesus Christ’s healing.
※ As the Holy Spirit is the Advocate,
He does Jesus’ works.
He reveals Jesus’ eternal power of blood.

Semuon’s Letter

It has been 61 years since I had met Jesus Christ, and in a few months’ time, it will be 50 complete years since I had first founded Sungrak Church. The reason that I had founded Sungrak Church was in the hope of raising 10,000 leaders who knew the Picture of God’s Will, and for the sake of raising these 10,000 leaders, I aspired to build a place of worship to accommodate 10,000 seated members. And so, on the 30th of November, in the year 1969, we commenced our first worship.

There was one occasion when there was roughly 18,000 members who had all gathered together to worship. On another occasion, in an even greater number, there were 180,000 souls who had come to hear my preaching. At all times, in a great effort not to forget them, I constantly had them in my heart and I had always thought of them as my church members. But even though I am today enduring severe trials, I pray the same pray a dozen times each day – the prayer that the Lord Jesus had taught us to pray, part of which states: ‘Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.’ This prayer of the soul is truly a precious prayer.

The moment I received baptism, I completely buried into the water the man belonging to the destiny of this world. Once again, just as it is stated in the prayer taught by the Lord – ‘Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven’, I have, from deep within my heart, been earnestly seeking the will of God rather than my own. I believe that all the works that I have done my whole life have been the works to fulfill the will of God that was planned in heaven and which was planned from the very beginning. Whether I experience joy or hardship in this world is of no concern to me. All the works that I do are merely the works that God had planned in heaven, like a musical score. So, just as it has been recorded in this score, I only have to press the keys according to what the score dictates. Therefore, for this purpose, I have for my whole life been praying and putting this completely into practice.

Even though I may be hated and scorned upon in the eyes of men, I conducted my ministry with all of my heart, so that I would look favorably in the eyes of the Lord. I did not focus on the original tithe – I had actually offered 70-80% of my whole income to the Lord. Whatever had come into my hands, whenever I could gather it all up, I offered it to the Lord again and again, although it is actually nothing in the eyes of the Lord. For the sake of the truth, there was not one single time when I did not believe in the word that I had preached and testified to. And I did this because I had given my life for the sake of the truth. I have never deceived the church. Even though they may refuse to believe this and continue to condemn me as a liar, the Lord will receive me most pleasingly, and the Lord will Himself receive with great pleasure all the faith that I have delivered to Him.

But one flaw that I have had has been the mistakes that I have made in what I have said. Even now I am paying most severely for the few mistakes that I have said. I have never departed from Sungrak Church, and as the founder of this church, as the Overseer, and as its spiritual leader, I have lived and spoken by this rule, “This church will be my grave”. But now they are trying to drag me down, falsely saying that I had officially resigned from this church. There was never a single time when I had left Sungrak Church in any form, and there was never a time when I had retired. Until the very moment that I leave this earth with my last breath, I am the Senior Overseer of Sungrak Church, and along with Pastor Sung Hyun Kim, I am the Joint-Overseeing Pastor of this Church.