November 4, 2018 My Righteousness is Jesus’ Blood (Exodus 12:1-14)

Sermon Outline

created the world
and gave it breath (Acts 17:25).
This gave all things life, that is, physical life.
This is
God’s natural revelation.
He showed there is a life more eternal than physical life.
As creatures live with blood (Lev 17:11),
God’s life also has blood (Acts 20:28).
since there is no god like God in heaven and earth,
God is the only true life (Jn 17:3).
Therefore, the Word (that is, ‘the Logos’) is the Word of God
wearing a robe dipped in blood (Rev 19:3).
the righteousness which saves us is
God’s blood alone.
God said that if He sees His blood on the doors,
that house will be saved.
○ The blood of the Passover lamb is a parable:
those with their spirits sprinkled by God’s blood
are saved.
○ Your own merit or righteousness
cannot save you.
Only Jesus’ merit is our salvation.
○ Do not boast about yourself.
You are only a sinner.
Let’s testify that Jesus is our Savior.
※ Our baptism separates sin from righteousness.
The sinner dies
and the righteous person lives.

Semuon’s Letter

I do not doubt God. I do not doubt that God has loved the world. And I do not doubt the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The merit of His death on the cross is so great that I can never doubt the power of the Precious Blood that He shed. I do not doubt the Holy Spirit that the Lord Jesus had sent us from Heaven. I do not doubt the manifestation of Jesus Christ that the Holy Spirit,even today, works within us.

We have no authority to ever doubt God. There is no greater sin than the sin of ever doubting God. In our daily lives, there are nothing but flaws and corruption. But the Lord Jesus took up all these flaws of ours, and we have now received justification according to the will of God. We must know, however, that the sin of doubting God can never be forgiven in this age or in the age to come.

God is so patient, compassionate and gracious to us that we have received His salvation. The power of the salvation given by Jesus is currently in our souls to the full. The flesh that we currently possess is limited by time, but the soul is eternal. I am grateful to God for the grace He has given to all our souls – the grace that has been given according to His great love.

The reason that we suffer all diseases and hardships is because we doubt the love of God. The reason that we are oppressed in all that we do and suffer great pains is because we are doubting the Holy Spirit of God.  We have deliberately departed from the Lord in that we have doubted the deeply spiritual blessings that He has given us. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. I will never doubt the power of life that the Holy Spirit continues to work and manifest within us. We do not understand the love of God by the flesh, but it is our souls that understands His great love and grace. Thus, our faith is ever eternal.

O Lord! Enable your saints who have participated in this recent Healing Crusade to always believe in the love of God and to never doubt it! And enable those who truly love You to have increasingly greater blessings! I thank you, O God, that those souls who have received the laying-on-of-hands in the name of Jesus Christ have now known that His great working power is eternal! The enemy makes them doubt the love of God, makes them doubt the grace of Jesus Christ, and makes them doubt the power of the Holy Spirit. But we believe in the truth, and we will never allow the enemy’s deceptions to ever make us stumble! Our faith will become even stronger, even as the present world fades away.

We are those who will never doubt the Lord! We will never doubt the name of the Lord! The Holy Spirit,who comes out from God – even today – preserves the fellowship between us and God. We will never doubt this! O Lord! The world perishes because they are doubting God. The present world trusts in science too much that they have doubted His great love. But we will keep our faith by the Holy Spirit for all eternity. O Lord! I give you my great thanks!