October 28, 2018 Do not Blaspheme the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:32-37)

Sermon Outline

is the Father who lives eternally.
gave commands to mankind to give eternal life (Jn 11:25-26).
God’s word is a command,
and commands preserve life (Jn 10:10).
Mankind’s flesh was created on earth (Gen 3:19)
and his spirit was created in heaven (Gen 2:7).
This is the first covenant.
However, the spirit died due to the flesh’s lust (Gen 2:16-17).
It died in the first covenant.
So Jesus died in its place,
and by the first covenant,
God’s Son was sent to give the spirit of the Son (Rom 8:9).
The Holy Spirit testifies to the spirit of the word (Jn 16:13).
The Holy Spirit is the New Covenant.
God sent the Holy Spirit to give eternal life
through faith in Jesus. This is the New Command.
The Holy Spirit’s work is a power reaching the whole world.
If you oppose the Holy Spirit, your spirit perishes.
You must obey Him for your spirit.
◌ Those who believe Jesus
must receive the Holy Spirit.
If the Holy Spirit works, He seals us with the power of life.
◌ The Holy Spirit’s power is His nature.
The Holy Spirit’s power is love.
It is not the flesh’s lust, but the power reaching the ends of the earth.
◌ You must not blaspheme or oppose the Holy Spirit.
This destroys your spirit
and your hope will be lost forever.
※ Do not just say you believe,
but receive
and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Semuon’s Letter

The secret of God is love (1 John 4:8). We are those who know that the secret of God is love. Why does the faith of the saints today end up in failure? It is because they do not know or possess the secret of God.

The love between a husband and a wife is a secret. One couple will claim that there are no secrets between them. And when one of them spills to the other a past issue of the conscience and thus, goes over the boundaries, that household will at some point, collapse and be scattered in all directions. Therefore, there must be nothing but love between a husband and wife. This love between them is a secret. Similarly, this is the love of God: He gives and preserves all ofHis secretsfor the sake of those He loves. This is the very reason why God does not condemn those that He loves. The reason why one doescondemn is because one does not love, that is, one does not have this secret.

The Church must possess the secret of faith. But if someone prides himself with self-righteousness, declaresa deludedissueof the conscience, and thereby indulges in reckless behavior that splits apart the Church, the Church will be rejected by the society. The Church is like a city of refuge.If one comes into the Church, God can give him shelter. Therefore, one must confess his sins only to the Lord, and bury himself deep inside the love of God. But if one has the continuous habit to condemn others, and stubbornly holds within his hearts the supposed faults of others, he will have no love within himself. He will receive the very condemnation that he condemns others with.

The secret of love is not to deceive but it is the act of giving love. So when there is all the more love between a husband and wife, the secret between them will become all the more stronger (Ephesians 5:32-33). Even the angels in heaven envy the saints that walk on the earth. No one can dare separate the love of God from them. Some may not even understand this great love of God that He gives them, but this is the grace of God. Therefore, we must preserve our souls by abiding in the grace and love of God. If one gives Himself to the devil and gives himself to the Law, his soul will fall to ruin, and he will slip onto the road that leads to corruption.

The reason why I have, until today, staked my life for our God and the Lord Jesus Christ, is because His love is so unimaginably great. I am the one who has been entrusted with the secret of God, and this secret gives great comfort to my soul. That which continuously endures the fierce wind and cold winter is the Pine – Bamboo – Rock (Song-Jook-Ahm) (松竹岩). We must all firmly endure and persevere like the Pine – Bamboo – Rock. When that Great Day comes, and it will come swiftly, each person will receive his apportioned glory that comes from the Lord. Even though I am stoned, my honor defiled, and blood comes spurting out from my mouth, my soul will shine just like Stephen.

Let us not live for our own righteousness.Let us, rather, strive all the moreto die for the Righteousness of the Lord God. We can see before our own eyes the day of glory of the saints. Who is it that dares to bring shame to the Church? They are no different from the pagans of the world.