October 21, 2018 Before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:12-23)

Sermon Outline

is the glorious Lord.
did everything for the glory of His name.
He created heaven’s glory
and created the universe and all things for His Son (Heb 1:2).
He wants to be glorified by them (Mt 6:13).
Mankind exists
only for His glory.
The Holy Spirit came to help us
only for His glory (Acts 1:8).
Our faith
is gathering every glory the Lord can receive
and giving it to Him
with all your heart, mind, soul, strength and life.
This is loving the Lord (Jn 21:15).
Though what we do before the Lord
is offensive to people’s eyes,
we should praise and dance even more
if it is for the Lord.
○ Let’s abandon human pride
and serve the Lord.
The Lord is the life of my spirit.
○ Do not let the Lord’s name be dishonored
and further lower your name.
The Lord is my love.
○ Though you dance while wearing an ephod,
do not be ashamed of dancing for the Lord.
The Lord is my resurrection.
※ Let’s love!
Let’s love the Lord!
Let’s love the Lord Jesus even more!

Semuon’s Letter

The world could not see God, yet God has now shown Himself through the person of Jesus Christ. Now we are those who have seen God with our own eyes, touched Him with our own hands, and heard His voice with our own ears.

I have come to know God and have testified to Him. And this is all because I have believed in the Bible. Even though I was born as a man of very humble circumstances, God had chosen me. I am nothing but joyful to have become His witness. I am nothing but grateful.  In no time at all, 80 years have now passed, and this flesh of mine has nothing more to hope for. My final hope is that I can receive praise and comfort from the Lord Himself.

The Lord has kept all the promises that He was spoken with His mouth, and He has saved a wretched child of hell like me. To keep me from dying from the mushy pitof the Law, He has continuously led me by the Law of the Holy Spirit. From now on, all that is left for me to do is to squeeze out of from my beingall the word of the Lord, and to do this with all my soul and with all mystrength. My whole being has been soaked through and through with the living voice of the Lord.But just how much time will there be for me to completely proclaim all that I have received?

I cannot ever speak a lie concerning God. What I preach is ‘The Picture of God’s Will’, which was made known to me. It was not artificially fabricated in anyway, but I cameto understand and know this truth only by the Holy Spirit. Now, just like Stephen, I need to proclaim this great gospel to the world.Just like Stephen, I must and already have wholly given my life to the Lord. When I say that I cannot speak a lie concerning God, what I mean is that, even though the world may not know about this truth, there will still be those out there who come to know about it. Because such people have already heard these words as truth and have believe in them, I am truly happy in my spirit.

Who had believed that the words of Jesus were the words of God when He had walked on this earth? Only His mother had believed and revered His words as the words of God. While she was standing at the bottom of the cross, her spirit accepted the death of the Son, who had died without any tears. The Lord also keenly knew this.

When He said, “Women, behold your son!”, the people of this world took no interest in these words.Instead, they indulged in their own feasting. The Lord descended into the darkness, yet God raised Him from the deadthree days later. He is the Son of Man who now sits at the right hand of God, and he will come again to judge the world.

As each moment of every day passes, we are eagerly waiting for the Lord Jesus to come again. He has never spoken a lie to me, and the word that He speaks is the truth. I am a worker who has been chosen to let the world know that He is God. Even if I had glory or peace in this world, I would be compelled to give it all up. I intend only to testify to the truth just like Stephen did. Even if I had spent my whole life in perfect labor and toil, it could not compare to that one breath-taking moment when Stephen had spoken the truth. I will die a martyrdom for the truth just like Stephen did.