October 20, 2019 Jesus Dies and Sinners Live (Mark 15:6-15)

Sermon Outline

is gracious.
He sent the Righteous One into the world.
He is without sin.
The Righteous One died so sinners could live (2Cor 5:21).
‘Righteousness’ is no one but God Himself.
In order to show His righteousness,
God sent Jesus Christ into the world (Rom 6:18-23).
The Righteous One died in place of evil sinners
so He could give them life (Rom 6:6-9).
This is the Gospel (Mark 1:1).
If a person knows why Jesus died and believes Him,
he will know he is an evil sinner and he has been saved.
Sinners believe they have been saved (Rom 5:17-18)
because He who died for their sakes is ever present.
Confessing and possessing this faith
is our baptism (Rom 6:3).
To give His recognition and guarantee to the one who is baptized,
He gives the Holy Spirit without limit (2Cor 1:22).
From now on, saints are no longer under the Law,
but under the Law of the Holy Spirit. They obey Him (Rom 8:1-2).
○ Baptism by immersion is not a religious ceremony, but an experience.
It is experiencing the work of God and becoming united
with Jesus, whom He sent.
○ If we receive baptism by immersion with a true heart,
we must receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
If we are not born again by the Holy Spirit, we can never be saved.
○ If the power of life, gifts and inspiration of the Holy Spirit
are present in us and in our lives,
we are the people of Jesus Christ.
※ The person belonging to Jesus experiences God’s grace all over.
Stand on the side of Jesus!
Let us become witnesses to Jesus!

Semuon’s Letter