October 27, 2019 The King of the Jews (John 19:17-22)

Sermon Outline

is the King of Kings.
appeared in the world to fulfill the Scripture (John 17:12).
Before He came, He was announced by the Prophets (John 1:23).
Israel’s hope is to wait for the Messiah (John 4:25).
‘Messiah’ refers to ‘Christ’. They waited for a king like David (Matt 22:41-46).
When He came, Israel thought they would see glory again (Acts 1:6-8).
Israel’s hope was to earnestly wait
for a theocratic age to come (Matt 2:1-12).
It would be like King David conquering the kings of the world
and establishing a 40-year period of peace.
They waited for the descendant of David,
but Jesus Christ became Lord over David.
He rules over all kings (1Tim 6:15-16).
When the time came, He hung on the cross (Matt 16:21).
It was written above His cross, ‘the King of the Jews is dead.’
The dream of Israel died,
but mankind’s hope appeared.
Jesus is not just the Messiah of Israel,
He is the Christ for all mankind.
According to Scripture, He came from the Jews (John 4:22).
○ The Holy Spirit testifies to this.
Christians who are saved also testify.
○ Do not try to fulfill worldly dreams through Jesus.
We should receive glory in heaven with Jesus.
The person who believes in Jesus buries worldly dreams in baptism.
○ Our hope is in Eternal Life.
Our Lord will come soon.
We will all become His Bride at the Resurrection of life.
※ Hold firmly to the hope of the Resurrection. Do not let go.
Let us be more diligent as this Day approaches.
The Day of the Lord is a Holy Day. Let us remember it and keep it.

Semuon’s Letter