October 6, 2019 Today, You will be with Me (Luke 23:39-43)

Sermon Outline

is the Father.
He sent His Word to the world
because He desired to save us (John 12:50).
The Word of God is eternal life and Resurrection (John 6:68).
We believe in Him to gain eternal life (John 3:16).
To gain eternal life, we must first receive forgiveness of sins,
and then receive the Holy Spirt (Acts 2:38).
The Holy Spirit will raise us from the dead (Rom 8:11).
All humanity
are sinners crucified together with the Lord Jesus (Luke 23:33).
will you entrust your spirit to fate
or entrust your spirit to Jesus Christ? (Luke 23:42).
You must make the decision (Deut 30:19-20).
The devil deceived Eve by saying to her (Gen 3:4-5),
“your eyes will be opened if you disobey God.”
“Your eyes will be opened, you will become wise, and you will do all you desire” –
when Eve chose these words, it resulted in her spirit becoming a child of hell.
is to choose the Lord Jesus (John 17:3).
○ But what is the use of faith if there is no eternal life?
What is the use of faith if there is no Resurrection?
What glory will there be even with the knowledge of God’s truth?
○ God sent His Word for the sake of eternal life.
He sent the blood of His Son.
He sent the Holy Spirit.
○ Jesus alone is the truth.
The temptation of the world is destruction.
The riches, glory and honor of the world are all temptations.
※ If you left this earth tonight,
how would you prepare yourself?
Jesus or judgment? Make the decision soon!

Semuon’s Letter