September 29, 2019 The person of the Holy Spirit (1 John 3:13-24)

Sermon Outline

is love.
He loved the world (1Jn 4:8),
He sent the Only Begotten Son, who gave His own life.
This is true love (1Jn 3:16).
Love is not done merely through words (Jam 2:15-16).
The tongue is a liar (Jam 3:2).
Love refers to giving your life. This is life (John 6:53).
God gave His own life to us.
Jesus Christ is His love (John 3:16).
The Holy Spirit gives His testimony and guarantee
and He dwells in us.
This is how we know the Lord Jesus Himself dwells in us (1Jn 3:24).
is the love of God (Matt 17:5).
Believing in Jesus
is believing in God’s love
and receiving this love.
This love is His commandment (John 13:34).
He dwells in my spirit,
so my spirit must take control over my heart
and my heart must take control of my flesh.
○ Receive first the forgiveness of sins
and your spirit will be saved.
○ Receive the Holy Spirit
and your spirit will never die again.
○ If your spirit prospers, your whole body will be in health.
You will prosper in all things.
You will be blessed with the blessings of God.
※ To claim that all you need to do is believe
means you need to be forgiven of your sins.
It means you must receive the Holy Spirit to live.

Semuon’s Letter