July 9, 2023 Redemption by the Blood of Christ

Redemption by the Blood of Christ

(Ephesians 1:7)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

What is the meaning
of our relationship with our God?
What relationship does
His Son Jesus Christ have with us
at the most fundamental level?
What God gave us
was much greater than simply rescue us
from the danger of judgement on account of sin.
To save us from the fate of punishment in hell,
He conveyed complete legal freedom to us
by paying our wages, purchasing us,
and in turn, making us His possession.
Therefore, He endured loss because of love
so that He could redeem us.
What is more important here
is that the life of God’s own Son
was the price He paid to save us.
In other words, He sacrificed everything He had for us.
Christ is our eternal Lord,
and since we were bought by the blood of God’s Son,
we are the body of God’s Son.