September 15, 2019 He Heals with the Word (Matthew 8:14-17)

Sermon Outline

is the Doctor.
created the world through His word (Heb 11:3).
and He rules over the entire world through His word (Ps 138:4).
There is nothing He fulfills except through His word.
His word is life and power (Luke 1:37).
mankind desires life and power from heaven,
they do not understand what they are (John 8:32).
They reject life and power, and go only after signs (1Cor 1:22-24).
Only God’s word can save.
Apart from this, there is no other way to be saved (Acts 4:12).
The Word of God is only One Person (John 1:1).
He is Jesus Christ (John 1:14).
The whole universe was created through Him.
Creation exists through Him.
He is the Truth (John 14:6).
The Truth is life and power.
The Holy Spirit testifies only to the Truth (John 16:13-14).
The Truth is the Healer, today and forever.
○ Receive God’s word.
Hear God’s word, and be free from all your sicknesses.
God’s word is the life and power which heals.
○ Even demons recognize God’s word and tremble.
All spiritual beings tremble before His word.
No spiritual being should deny God’s word, in heaven or on earth.
○ Do not depart from the word and seek after other signs.
Receive and believe in God’s word.
Nothing is impossible with all the words of God.
※ Be healed at once!
Let God’s word come into you!
Let it do God’s work in you!

Semuon’s Letter