June 26, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Signs Will Follow Faith

(John 4:46-54)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the Almighty.
showed the world the power which is found in His heaven (Mt 28:18).
He fulfills His will on earth, as it was fulfilled in heaven (Mt 6:10).
The meaning of Jesus’ name (Mt 1:21)
fulfills the will of God. It is salvation from sins.
‘Sin’ refers to
the authority of hades, the devil, and death (Rom 5:13-14).
The purpose of Jesus’ coming is salvation from the natural world (Jn 6:39-40).
we can seek and gain this great salvation from Jesus.
Saving the body from death is great (Heb 2:2-3)
but saving the spirit from hell is a greater salvation (Heb 2:9-11).
There is only one way for this.
It is accepting the name ‘Jesus’ and obeying it.
Jesus’ name has no limitations, and it has authority and resurrection (Jn 11:25).
But if
we do not believe the name ‘Jesus’ and feel like something is deficient,
this is doubt and unfaith (Jn 14:13-14).
Since Jesus’ words revealed the meaning of His name,
signs will certainly follow (Acts 4:12).
○ The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.
He reveals only Jesus’ name
and displays miraculous powers that are done in this name.
○ Let’s be holy and victorious by the truth.
Jesus’ name is the truth and the light of salvation.
○ If we believe the name ‘Jesus’ with certainty,
signs will appear by the authority and power of His name.
※ Rising from bodily death is a small salvation.
Receive the great salvation.
Our spirits must be saved from the authority of hades.
Then we can be saved from minor fleshly matters.