July 3, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Believers Come to the Resurrection of Life

(John 5:19-29)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is eternal life.
The Father
gave everything He has to the Son.
The Father’s glory is the Son’s glory,
and the Father’s authority is the Son’s authority (Mt 28:18).
Just as He listened to the Father’s voice and lived (Jn 6:57),
all those who listen to the Son’s voice will live.
In this way,
He seeks for everyone to honor the Son,
just as they honor the Father (Jn 5:23).
Those who do not honor the Son
do not honor the Father who sent Him.
Those who hear the Son’s words and believe
the Father who sent Him have eternal life and will not be judged
and have crossed from death to life (Jn 5:24-25).
Since our faith builds up hope,
our hope is the resurrection of life (Jn 11:25).
It will come when those who believe the Son will hear His voice.
Just as the Son possesses the Father’s life,
He gave life to the Son to keep in Himself (Jn 5:26).
○ As God gave the Son the authority to judge,
when the dead hear His voice from their graves,
each one will come to the resurrection of life and judgement.
○ We do not possess the present.
We possess the resurrection of life,
and it is God’s grace and the reward for faith.
○ Because the devil’s work is to envy,
He envies the resurrection of believers like the resurrection of Jesus.
He tempts them wherever possible and stops them from gaining life.
※ Listen to the words of the Lord Jesus.
Let’s obey and submit to His words from within our spirits
and come to the resurrection of life on the day of salvation.