July 10, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

The Testimony about Jesus

(John 5:30-47)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is spirit.
sent the Word to reveal Himself to the world (Jn 1:1),
and the Word appeared in the flesh (Jn 1:14).
He revealed Himself by allowing people to see and hear Jesus.
By knowing Jesus, you know the One who sent Him,
and by hearing Jesus’ voice, you hear the voice of
the One who sent Him (Jn 5:36-38).
God testifies about the Son,
and when the Son testifies about the Father – it is the word (Jn 12:50).
God’s word testifies to the One who He sent.
He recorded this testimony in the Bible.
The Bible is meant to accept the Holy Spirit’s testimony (Jn 16:7-12).
When you have the Holy Spirit’s testimony, it is the truth (Jn 16:13).
When you do not have this testimony, it is the Law of Moses (Jn 5:46-47).
Likewise, our faith
is accepting the testimony of God, the Son, the Word
and the Holy Spirit.
This testimony is true and this faith is true (Jn 5:34-35).
○ Since God’s testimony is true, He considers it righteous,
and His Word will judge on the day of judgment.
He discriminates those who believe and those who do not believe.
○ The one who testified to Moses was the Angel ‘Jehovah’.
Moses’ testimony was human testimony
and it was a lamp which people burn and shine.
○ Consequently,
God considers only His testimony as true
and calls the acceptance of His testimony as ‘faith’.
※ Let’s understand faith with certainty, be saved
and attain resurrection at the resurrection of life.
Faith is the truth and it is justified.