Testimonies of Blessings

A New Way of Looking at Life Has Emerged for Me

Hello, please accept my humble greetings.

I am delighted with the letter that contained the sermon, and through it, I have learned a lot of things. Through the Lord’s Day sermon, my eyes have been opened to see life differently. I have sinned against God’s commandments, yet I had no concern for how God would perceive and feel about me.

I have come to realize that God endures pain even now to forgive us. I have strayed and followed the devil’s will, forgetting that God is with me. I have caused much pain for God, yet despite it all, I fervently pray that He forgives me. I now acknowledge my ignorance and am committed to changing my ways.

I yearn to dwell in God’s infinite grace, my spirit, body and mind, never forgetting His abundant love for me and His constant presence in my life. Even if there are challenges in following God’s will, I pray that He grants me the perseverance and strength to do so until the end.

Geonalee from Kenya

September 18, 2023

I Will Look Upon Only God, Who Is Eternal

After listening to the sermon titled ‘The Desire for Eternity,’ I have come to realize that I share the same feelings. This realization has offered a clear explanation for the sense of despair I’ve been enduring. I invested significant effort in making numerous friends and forming connections, but every time they departed, I felt worthless and abandoned. Eventually, I chose a solitary life, fearing that any new relationship would come to an end. Trying new things became a source of anxiety for me, as I knew they wouldn’t last indefinitely. I led a solitary existence, carrying the weight of this burden on my shoulders. When a friend made a new acquaintance, I experienced a blend of jealousy and the fear of losing them in my heart.

During that time, I longed to be loved, but I eventually gave up because I felt unlovable, and it seemed illogical that I yearned for something I had missed. In the past, I repeatedly followed the same pattern, waiting for the day when I would be loved without a clear sense of direction. However, I have now discovered the answer.

After listening to the sermon, my perspective underwent a change. For some time, I believed that I was abnormal, but now I have come to realize that I was not losing my sanity. It became clear to me that I should not allow fear to control me. Those who judged and dismissed me were guilty of the very actions I had resolved not to repeat. I am now content because I have discovered what God has placed in my heart.

Now, I focus solely on God, who is eternal, and in doing so, I gain clarity about myself. I have come to realize that nothing is eternal except that which originates from God. Moreover, after hearing the Word, I have acknowledged that my desires were centered around worldly things. I no longer pursue things that are temporary and no longer feel regret about it. It may sound silly, but even if someone wishes to be a part of my life for a long time, they will pass away before eternity arrives, and they cannot remain in my life indefinitely. Everything, except for eternal things, is fleeting. This is what I have come to understand through the sermon. Thank you for sharing this precious message with me.

Asiimwe from Uganda

November 11, 2023

Thanks for Your Dedication

Sungrak Church has kindly sent me the Berea books related to Jesus Christ. These books are masterpieces that include the essence of the Lord’s teachings. The dedication of Sungrak Church to preach all over the world is truly moving. I deeply respect your dedication and passion.

Here, there is a great need for spiritual nourishment. Many people are seeking to discover the meaning of life. I believe that your assistance can shine the path with the Lord’s light for these individuals. I hope that you might consider establishing the Sungrak Church here or sending more books that can help us. Your support will bring hope to those to those in darkness.

I am grateful for the dedication and thoughtfulness of Sungrak Church. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will bless your ministry abundantly.

Lylia from Russia

September 20, 2023

In the Midst of a War Where Bullets Fly

I live in Donetsk, Russia. Bullets are flying here, and leading a normal life is impossible. However, through the word sent by Sungrak Church, I find joy and receive the strength that the Lord provides.

Today, I heard the sermon twice you sent me, and the second time, I was deeply moved and gained more insight. This is because I remembered the sins I committed in the past and the encounters with other gods mentioned in the sermon. I sought forgiveness from the Lord for my sins, and He granted me forgiveness.

I have not been able to conceive since my marriage, and it remains so today. All my friends have become pregnant and given birth, and I desperately wished for the same. I became obsessed with pregnancy and started consulting doctors, acupuncturists, and herbalists. In my desperation, I even visited fortunetellers and shamans, and I fell into utter despair. Amid all of this, I began to question myself, “What am I doing? Who are these fortunetellers, and what can they really do?”

Thankfully, I began to introspect and started making the most sincere confession of my life. “Lord, I believe in You. I entrust my life to You. From the moment I accepted Jesus as my Savior, the moment I was baptized, and the moment I received the Holy Spirit, I believed.” It’s crucial to always remember this and not falter.

The Lord is gracious and forgives, but it’s also crucial that we guard against committing sins. We must teach and warn others to follow the word of the good and Almighty God with a careful and humble attitude so that they do not fall into sin.

I praise and worship the great, Almighty, and merciful Father God with all my heart!

Lylia from Russia

September 20, 2023

I Wanted to Crawl Under a Rock

Whenever I feel guilty listening to the sermon, I want to prove myself that I am not that kind of a person. That is why it is difficult to write sharings after listening to the sermon. I used to think I should be a good person since I was young, and this idea has been deeply ingrained in me.

Even though I believed in Jesus, I had an arrogant passion to repay the debt of His blood. Furthermore, I considered myself righteous because there was nothing bad that I had done to feel sorry for others. However, after listening to this week’s Lord’s Day sermon, I wanted to crawl under a rock. I closed my heart with my own righteousness and only knew to accumulate spiritual knowledge, which made my heart hardened. Nevertheless, even though I am very filthy, I consider myself obedient and selfless in my narcissistic state.

I thought that merely listening to the sermons of the mother church was following the mother church, and I believed that I had done my job by delivering those sermons to the members of the church. When I listened to the sermons and read letters, I convinced myself that I understood everything. Even though I confessed that I was a dogshit, it was just words from my mouth, not deep down in my heart, and I considered that the overseer was talking about other people.

Through the sermon “Believe in the Gospel,” it became clear that I am just like a Jew. If I had kept on living like this, someday, I would eventually become someone who causes division. The reason I could not receive the word of God despite reading the Bible is because I selectively chose the word according to my own needs and ignored God, who declared that I was a sinner.

I was deeply immersed in the thought of being righteous, and even after taking Berea Academy, I did not truly realize the Picture of God’s Will and instead considered myself outstanding. I believed that my faith was in a good state because I was conveying the words of Berea, and also, I have stuck in the thought that my behavior was nobler than others. The reason the church did not change was because of me.

I want to change. Lord, help me to repent. I am grateful for the love of my mother church. I came to realize that the purpose of repentance is not for self-realization but rather to change throughout my entire life to be used by the Lord.

After listening to the sermon “Believe in the Gospel” by Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim on August 28, 2022.

Minister Rue from China
October 11, 2023