Testimonies of Blessings

I Have Found the Courage to Pray for Myself

I thank God for leading me to the Sungrak Church. Two years ago, I received the Berea books from the Sungrak Church and learned incredible teachings. I came to realize that many of difficulties I faced were related to spiritual hindrances. In the past, whenever I encountered problems, I would seek out individuals who I believed had the ability to lay hands on me. However, after reading ‘Know Jesus and Suppress Deceiving Spirits,’ I gained the courage to pray on my own.

fter reading the book, I experienced nightmares and headaches. However, following the book’s guidance on driving out demons, my headaches disappeared. Soon after, I also drove out demons for my child, who used to frequently have nosebleeds, and since then, he hasn’t had nosebleeds anymore. These experiences have enabled me to boldly overcome all difficulties through prayer.

Since receiving God’s word from the Sungrak Church, I have accumulated many testimonies, making it challenging to put them all into words. Through these experiences, I am learning to live a life relying on God. I believe that everything works together for the good of those who truly love God and dedicate themselves to His will. Thanks to Sungrak Church, I have become a completely different person from my past, and I find great joy in serving God in His good will.

July 6, 2023

Rethabile from Republic of South Africa

The God Whom I Believe In

I have come to realize that even while confessing my belief in God, I was simultaneously serving other gods and committing sins. However, the one and only God has revealed my true beliefs through Jesus Christ, exposing my sins and guiding me toward righteousness. I am deeply grateful for God’s love and mercy.

Meeting Jesus Christ has changed every aspect of my life, and now I feel that I cannot exist a single moment without Him. Life without God lacks meaning. Moving forward, my desire is not to show my own kindness to others, but rather to manifest the presence of Jesus Christ within me and His boundless love.

I desire to share the message of my God with others. I strive to resemble Jesus Christ, w ed, and everyone remained healthy. I believe that the Lord protected them. Through this experience, I have been deeply reminded of the emptiness of our lives without God and the fearfulness of living without knowing Him.

I am resolute in my commitment to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ even more fervently, so that people do not continue living without God and without repentance.  May all come to believe in Jesus Christ, the true God who is abundant in love, healing and protection. Amen!

July 16, 2023

Ollesha from Russia

Even While Reading the Bible

In our church, people often ask each other, “Have you prayed recently? Have you read the Bible?” These questions are considered a measure of one’s spiritual engagement and closeness to the Lord.

A few days ago, I discovered my old Bible reading records. As I looked back, I realized, “I used to read the Bible so much,” but simultaneously, I lamented, “Why hasn’t my attitude changed?”

I have absolutely known that the Berea Movement is a movement to return to the Word but it remained more of an abstract concept in my mind. I pondered, ‘What initially drew me to the Berea Word?’ Vaguely, I recalled that prior to that, despite my fervent Bible reading, I couldn’t grasp the true meaning of the Word. It was only after hearing the Senior Overseer’s sermons that I truly came to know Jesus.

Many individuals read the Bible, each interpreting it differently. Some approach it from an economic perspective, others from a psychological viewpoint, and still others through the lens of education. So, what should I realize from the Bible? What have I gained from it? Upon deep reflection, I realize that although I claim to see Jesus in the Bible, I have been merely been observing a static, historical Jesus. What did Jesus say? What did He do? With these interests I read the Bible, but Jesus that I am observing is not related to me.

Thankfully, I recently made a profound discovery through the Word. It has become clear that the accomplishment of God’s will was not solely Jesus’ work; it is also my work because I dwell in Jesus. God’s will is not confined to the story of Jesus but extends to the fulfillment of His word within me, as I am in Jesus.

I am resolved not to approach the Bible from an outsider’s perspective any longer. I wholeheartedly understand that the Bible contains blessed words that pertain to me personally. I am committed to living a life united with Jesus, overcoming the world, and fulfilling God’s will.

June 11, 2023

Sister Lin from China

The One Who is Originally the Head of All Things

Listening to the Lord’s Day sermon(Christ is the Head of the Church), I have come to realize how highly God has exalted us. God has given the church the Lord, who is originally the head of all things. This realization has made me aware of the tremendous glory that we now enjoy from God. The fact that we can possess the honor of God and become representatives of the Lord fills me with gratitude and a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, I have also come to realize that I have been preoccupied with myself, driven by negative thoughts and lacking faith in God, not trusting that He has given me this valuable responsibility. With a humble heart, I desire to be someone who receives and delivers what has been given by God with gratitude and happiness.

Upon hearing that while the world may view the church as a minor social organization, the reality is that the church serves and represents Jesus, who is the head of all things, I feel compelled to stand boldly in the world without losing this faith. I believe we should stand courageously as those who possess the King’s authority, rather than being discouraged even in the face of persecution.

I feel that, as an individual, I can hardly grasp the full glory of what God has given. Nevertheless, I am thankful that God has bestowed such grace upon me. I have resolved to live with a heart of gratitude and repentance. Instead of being consumed by negative thoughts and disbelief, I desire to be the one who praises the immense grace God has given to me with gratitude toward Him.

Thank you so much!

August 22, 2023
Sister Shin from South Korea

The Modern Version of Gnosticism

I listened to the sermon titled “The Lord Resurrected in the Body, and the Disciples Loved Him in Their Bodies” by Overseer.

Apostle John warned against Gnosticism, and upon reflection, I recognize that I exhibited Gnostic tendencies. I pursued spiritual knowledge and considered myself superior to others, often disregarding them. I can now confess that I have indeed displayed traits of a modern-day Gnostic.

Furthermore, I vaguely recall having the mindset that it is not a problem if my body committed sins. This may have been a result of superficially learning the Berea Word.

I have come to realize that the attitude of Gnostic, where someone who has received the Holy Spirit becomes religious, torments their own body, or believes bodily life does not matter due to having received the Holy Spirit, is a serious form of depravity. I have learned that these behaviors align with the characteristics of Gnosticism and are associated with Antichrist.

If it were not for the correction from the Mother Church, I might have continued down the wrong path and become a Gnostic. Jesus sacrificed His body for us and gave us His own flesh and blood. Therefore, I sincerely understand that I should manifest true love for our Lord through my actions in my body, just as His disciples did, without being solely preoccupied with spiritual knowledge. I pledge not to forget that this is the essence of genuine spiritual life.

June 26, 2023

Pastor Ma from China