Testimonies of Blessings

What is True Spiritual Reality?

Whenever I heard the word “spiritual,” my thoughts were limited to the notions of driving out demons and healing diseases. In the midst of this, when he focused on what was wrong and needed to be changed in our spiritual lives, I wrongly perceived the overseer’s sermons as nothing more than moral and ethical narratives. Therefore, I started feeling that overseer’s sermon pushed me further away from spiritual life.

However, on a certain day, I came to realize that the overseer was truly speaking about the true nature of spirituality. Our problems that he spoke about were manifestations that arose when believers followed the worldly desires within the church. Although the spiritual world and our spirits cannot be seen, all outcomes will be evident through each individual’s actions. Whether something is spiritual or not does not depend on its visuality or reality. Rather, it is determined by living an obedient life to God’s will.

After listening to his sermon, I gained a true understanding that the distance between parables and reality is not as far as I had thought. The same events, when they occur in the world, are considered parables, but when they happen within the church and our faith lives, they become realities. Prior to this realization, I was busy trying to memorize all the criteria the overseer presented in order to discern right from wrong. Consequently, despite my earnest efforts to listen and remember the words, there was nothing that truly remained within me.

After realizing that the overseer’s sermon is spiritual, I came to understand that the overseer’s words I had previously regarded as ethics and morals were actually teachings about the right attitude for believers in their faith lives. Furthermore, I gained a clear understanding of my thoughts and choices that I should make as a spiritual individual.

The church is open to everyone. However, I came to understand that, in fact, the kingdom of God continuously separates worldly individuals, the gate of the kingdom is referred to as “the narrow gate”. In the past, I used to think of “sin” simply as evil deeds. However, upon hearing the teachings, I realized that it is also considered a sin when individuals fail to acknowledge their own limitations before God. The reason people become self-centered and hinder God’s work is they cannot perceive their own lack. And the reason why they fail to see their lack is their refusal to admit their own limitations.

I realized that in order to become a so-called spiritual person, I must first be humble before God. No matter how diligently I adhere to spiritual rules, if I am not with God, they are merely norms for self-restraint. When I become absorbed in these norms, I tend to focus only on the sense of obligation to keep them and forget why I should keep the laws. As a result, the hope for heaven gradually fades away. The Israelites remembered and kept numerous laws, but over time, they were left with fear and oppression instead of joy and hope. I must remember that through fleshly enthusiasm my faith cannot be firmly established and I cannot receive the joy of God.

January 8, 2023
Jang in **Berea Church from China

I was like a Leper

While listening to the overseer’s sermon, I started pondering about insensitivity. I realized that I am the one like a person with leprosy, unaware of their own condition even when their blood is dripping until someone points it out to them. Even though God sent His son to reveal Himself to me and shed His blood for this dull individual, I confess that I am still full of arrogance due to my insensitivity.

While listening to the sermon, I witnessed the humility of the leper. I thought that the leper’s humility was shown through his acknowledgment of Jesus as his Master. Despite facing an urgent and life-threatening situation, he truly respected the will of the Lord first and cautiously asked Him, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” I can clearly understand that this man with leprosy truly respected the Lord.

Upon reflecting on myself through the leper’s attitude, I have come to realize that I have shamefully used God and arrogantly carried Him on my back for my own life. This realization has led me to repentance. I wholeheartedly commit to changing my perspective by breaking free from self-centeredness so that everything can be fulfilled as my Master desires. I desire not to merely confess with words that the overseer is my Master, but to truly recognize Him as my Maser from the depths of my heart. I hope to be the one who weeps and feels righteous anger with him and live an obedient life.

April 16, 2023
Sister Chang from Sungrak Church
After listening to the sermon “Christ’s Heling Requires Our Spirits to be Cleansed” by Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

I, who Only Asserted My Own Righteousness

God has embraced and endured me, a sinner who is filled with filth and many flaws so unworthy to even be looked at with open eyes. However, He accepted me through His unconditional love and boundless compassion. Furthermore, He has raised me to the same level as His Son. I cannot express enough gratitude towards God for how high He has exalted me.

I humbly surrender myself before God! However, through the overseer’s sermon, I have discovered that I still perceive myself as righteous when it comes to interacting with others. I acknowledge that I am deeply flawed and unworthy before God, yet in the presence of people, I unconsciously assert my own righteousness. When faced with a problem, I am quick to judge who is right or wrong, who is at fault, and what is the correct course of action should be. If someone holds a similar position to mine, I feel at ease. But if their viewpoint differs from mine, my discomfort is easily reflected in my facial expressions.

How can I always be right? It is truly evil to hold onto others’ faults and not embrace them when they are vulnerable and make mistakes, even if they are wrong. How can someone like me consider and embrace others if I haven’t fully repented? For a while, I have lacked a sincere understanding of the Lord’s heart. The Lord is always concerned about ‘How people can be united and reconciled?’, but I find myself drifting apart from Him.

Fortunately, such attitudes are decreasing more and more in the church. However, I find myself that I always assert I am right in front of my child and husband. I desire the Lord’s forgiveness and I should repent quickly. I not only appreciate the Lord, but I also serve God with a grateful heart.

Once again, I express my deep appreciation for Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim. He courageously broke away from the past authoritarianism that focused solely on our own abilities in order to change us into noble and sincere Christians! Our overseer is a good shepherd who is committed to God and responsible for his saints. Since this year, our church has been attentive to his teachings, and everyone testifies that they are truly changing and experiencing growth in ability to love and obey God as time goes on! Personally, I have also experienced the work of God, and now I am able to concentrate on His work twice as much as before! This change is a result of the overseer’s guidance in choosing the path of truth.

By following the guidance of our Mother Church, we have learned to express gratitude, show respect to our shepherd, love the church, and reconcile among ministers and saints. We have also learned to give offerings with our wholehearted dedication and passionately preach the gospel. These attitudes were not present in us before. All of these changes are the fruit of the guidance and nurturing provided by our Mother Church. I am truly grateful for our Mother Church.

March 31, 2023
Minister Rhyu in **Berea Church from China

The Worthy Attitude as a Servant

While confessing with my lips that I will obey God, I have discovered that my attitude is still far from the obedience that God expects from me. I have also realized that within me, there are fixed stereotypes and negative misconceptions about obedience that I was not aware of. Thankfully, through the overseer’s sermon, I have come to realize in my heart that my true identity is the one who should obey as a servant.

In a way, I have come to a clear understanding that living a faith life as a servant is not complicated but rather clear and straightforward. When I live my faith life as if I were the Master, I may encounter various factors that hinder me from receiving God’s guidance, such as numerous calculations, considerations, and the need to maintain appearances. However, I find relief in the realization that when I live a faith life as an obedient and submissive servant to the Lord, all these worries and concerns disappear, allowing me to fully live my faith life according to my true identity. Moreover, I firmly believe that this path undeniably guarantees a secure and certain way to salvation.

Through the overseer’s sermon, the negative misconceptions about living a faith life as an obedient servant have been eradicated. Moreover, I have gained a deeper understanding that living faith life as a servant who has a master can bring security, freedom from burdens, and assurance. Consequently, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy.

I also have come to know that practicing restraint in both speech and actions is ultimately crucial for fulfilling the salvation given by God until the end and further contributing to the salvation of many souls. As a worthy servant, I should not have spoken or acted based on my own desires. However, I have discovered that I have often allowed my own feelings and perspectives to guide my words and actions. The Lord has already commanded us, saying, “Whatever you do, do as working for the Lord” and “Value others above yourselves.” Now, He is urging me to change through the guidance of the overseer and demanding firm determination. Therefore, I earnestly desire to move towards the Lord by responding to His voice with obedient faith.

February 26,2023
Sister Jung from Sungrak Church
After listening to the sermon by Overseer ‘Jesus Baptized in Obedience to Righteousness’