The Church in the Wilderness (Acts 7:38)

We were saved through the church’s ministry and grew by its service. However, we should not regard the church like it is a service center for the spirit. Jesus Christ delivered us from the grip of the ruler of this world, and made us into soldiers to join the spiritual war that He is leading (2 Tim 2:3-4).

1. An Army in the Wilderness

The Book of Numbers sheds light on how the Christian church should act using the example of the church in the wilderness. The Book of Numbers treats the counting of the people (who escaped Egypt and entered the wilderness) as important. If you examine it carefully, you will understand that the only men over the age of 20 were counted (Num 1:3). This was not about ignoring the women, the aged and minors, but it was to count the number of strong young men who would go to war.

2. A Trained Army

God made His people into an army. The fighting done by an army is different from the fighting of a gang of thugs. An army moves systematically according to a fixed strategy under the directions of the Head of State. If an undisciplined mob takes on an army that is well trained and moves in unison and perfect order, what will be the result? (Mt 8:9).

3. A United Army

The church is an army which engages the devil and his kingdom in the heart of a spiritual battleground. The devil has a great organization and strategically opposes the kingdom of God (Lk 11:18). In these circumstances, if the church seldom unites and its soldiers are only interested in each of their bayonet skills and their individual battles, the outcome is as clear as day.

Jesus Christ came to this earth to destroy the devil’s work (1 Jn 3:8). If you are a believer who understands this, you should not forget that this earth is an intense spiritual battleground and that the church is an army which goes to spiritual war.

June 20, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim