Stereotypes (Isaiah 66:2)

We build our lives each day together with the Lord. He leads us from the moment that we unite with Him. This is so He can protect us to the end in a world where the enemy is at work. We must always stay connected with the Lord in order to accept His guidance, but our stereotypes can become an obstacle to this.

1. Before the Lord’s word

Though stereotypes can be helpful while we live in this world, we must not drag these into the domain of faith. When we attend service at church, the Lord guides us by the words preached by the pastor. Yet stereotypes tend to compete against the Lord’s word. Because they were created on the basis of the flesh, they are inappropriate for spiritual affairs. Furthermore, they give good grounds for unbelief to grow.

2. Before the Lord’s ministry

Work in church is a safeguard that the Lord prepared for us. However, people who are fixed on worldly standards – which put emphasis on what meets the eye – think that the Lord’s work is trivial. Some people eagerly work at church but are unable to meet with God. This is because they only do what they think is right and when they want, and reject the Lord’s guidance with regards to the church.

3. Before the Lord’s presence

When Jesus came to this earth, what gave Him the greatest difficulty was the world’s stereotypes and preconceptions. The Lord is not pleased when we have a lot of knowledge about faith, and He is not with us because we have superior skill or a strong will. Only when we entrust our present day to the Lord’s plan and earnestly seek His help can we be with God, who guides our steps.

June 27, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim