Those who Struggle Against Sin (Hebrews 12:4)

If people believe in Jesus, does the attribute of sin inside them disappear? This is not so. So long as the flesh breathes on this earth, the attribute of sin does not disappear. In that case, is it not a big problem when believers commit sins? Of course, that is not true. Jesus took up the cross so He could free us from the power of sin, not make us into people who are insensitive to it

1. Those who live by the Lord’s grace

Becoming a believer does not mean that you become someone who does not sin or it is acceptable for you to sin. Rather, it means you acknowledge that you cannot throw off the nature of sin – no matter how hard you try – and so you become a person who lives by the Lord’s grace.

2. Those who acknowledge their sin

The person who does not acknowledge that sin is in him – even though he says he believes in the Gospel – is imprisoned by the power of sin. This person cannot resist sins and ends up committing them, and later, he is unable to feel guilty. On the other hand, the person who lives by the Gospel acknowledges the fact that he is full of sins, he uses the power to resist sins and he even obeys the Lord’s command to ‘love each other’.

3. Those who struggle against sin to the end

When Jesus broke the power of sin, He made us into people who can struggle against sin. We can stumble while struggling with sin. But the Lord always forgives those who long for His grace, He gives them a new opportunity, and He gives them power to overcome sin. Therefore, let’s not remove a repentant spirit until we arrive at the Lord’s kingdom. Since the Lord helps us to the end, let’s trust in Him every day.

July 4, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim