August 27, 2023 The Church is Fullness of Him who Fills All in All

The Church is Fullness of Him who Fills All in All

(Ephesians 1:23)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim


(Ephesians 1:23)

Christ is the Head of creation. God gave to the church Someone this great, and in doing so, He became the Head of the church. Therefore, the church became a very special entity, and it was entrusted with a very important duty. It is to reveal God to the world. But to perform this, fullness is needed.

1. Complete Influence and Control

‘Fullness’ refers to God’s will coming to us and exercising its influence and control as much as God pleases. This fullness needs to happen for the whole creation, but due to the forces opposing God, the creation cannot yet completely submit. What Christ is trying to do is recover the creation from this state and offer it to God. But before this happens, God wanted to show that fullness can be first achieved through the church.

2. The Duty that the Church Needs to Fulfill

Christ is in the process of filling the creation. Will this endeavor succeed? The Lord already announced that fullness will be achieved regarding the church. This does not mean the Lord decided to move the church forcibly, but He trusts that the church will willingly fulfill its duty. The church is not hauled to its work regardless of its own desire, but it gives thanks for God’s grace, and joyfully trusts and submits to the Lord. The relationship between the Lord and the church is like the relationship between God the Father and the Son.

3. The Plan to Lead Us to Heaven

‘Fullness’ is not being filled with Christ from within to fulfill our own goals, but it is offering ourselves to Him. ‘Fullness’ is the innovative plan God provided so that we – who are steeped in sin – can overcome sin’s power and safely go to heaven. Consequently, we cannot talk about fullness while holding on to sin. ‘Fullness’ is not about borrowing God’s strength to live your own life, but it is offering yourself to God. Since we are the church, let’s demonstrate that this is possible.

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim