November 7, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The Cornerstone the Builders Rejected

(Mark 12:1-12)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is good.
Just as God
fulfilled His will in heaven,
He sent His Word to fulfill it on earth (Jn 1:14-18).
suffering and sacrifice was so great
until the Word came to the world. This is mankind’s history (Mt 23:32-35).
When man was created in the beginning (Gen 1:26-27),
God created him in His image and according to His likeness,
and He breathed into man the spirit which He made in heaven.
This is ‘the mother of the living’, ‘motherhood’, or ‘spirit’ (Gen 2:7).
He also sent the blood of heaven to save this spirit (which died),
paid the price by blood, and brought the spirit back to life (Acts 20:28).
Lastly, He sent the Holy Spirit to preserve those spirits who are saved (2 Cor 1:21-22).
Since the death of Abel, the prophets were killed one by one
until John the Baptist was killed,
and they finally killed the Son of God (Mt 27:45-50).
Mankind’s evil reached the extremes (Lk 23:21-24).
This trail of blood became the cornerstone,
and God’s will was fulfilled (Heb 9:12-22).
○ The blood trail of many prophets
and the blood of Jesus Christ became the cornerstone,
and Jesus’ church fulfills the will of heaven – which stands over the world.
○ Do not take the faith which you received lightly.
We survive because of the trail of blood.
God established our faith by the blood this way, so we should be thankful.
○ The Law and the prophets are servants of the word,
and Jesus is the Word (Logos)
and the Son of God who was finally killed.
※ Since the Word is taken away from those who murdered Him
and completely given to Christians,
we should forever keep the blood of Jesus, who became the cornerstone.