October 31, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The Authority of Jesus

(Mark 11:27-33)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is Authority and Power.
sent His Son to the world and the Son is the Word (Jn 1:1).
The Word
was with God from before eternity,
and He is God who declared God (Jn 1:18).
Jesus is called ‘the Son of Man’, but people regard Him as a human being.
He is called ‘the Son of God’, but they thought He was a ghost (Mk 4:41).
He is not a ghost nor a mere human being. He is the Man.
He came to the world as ‘Immanuel’ (Mt 1:21-23).
He surpasses nature like God (Mk 4:39-41)
and is restricted by nature like man (1 Pet 2:24).
Who do we believe that He is? (Mt 3:17)
The world knows
Jesus as a person with supernatural powers who surpasses nature
and identical to human beings.
Yet our faith agrees with neither of these.
He is God who dwells in heaven (Jn 20:31)
and the Man who dwelled on earth.
○ The Holy Spirit testifies to this.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.
○ As we became His children who belong to heaven
and are human beings who belong to earth, we have two kinds of status.
But the mind of the flesh is death and the mind of the spirit is life.
○ Depending on who we believe the Lord is,
we can become God’s children and His heirs
or become corrupt and children of hell.
※ Consequently, do not refuse to believe.
You should believe He is God.
You can become His children and gain eternal life by faith.