October 24, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

Jesus and the Fig Tree

(Mark 11:12-14)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

made all creation for His Son.
prepared this beforehand so that the Son could use it (Mk 11:3)
at any moment while He was in the world (Heb 1:1-2).
Therefore, all creation waited until He came (Mk 11:13).
He was also considerate and reserved the creation
so the rest of mankind could use it after He ascended (1 Cor 9:4-11).
Jesus’ urgent destination was Jerusalem (Mk 13:31-33).
As He became hungry on the way there, He saw a fig tree.
This tree was without fruit.
These are called premature or taqsh figs,
and it means the figs could not endure the wind.
The lifespan of creation continues only until the Lord comes.
After Jesus went back, the time of creation ended.
Now, it remains only while the Gospel is at work.
We do not know when the Lord will come looking for it (Jn 4:10) –
but if we do not stay ready,
the Lord will have nothing to do with us.
It was not because the Lord became angry
but because the tree’s mission had ended. (Mk 11:14).
○ If God cannot use it,
the life of the tree will end.
My life and my wealth are not my own.
○ Waiting for the Lord may be tiresome,
but you must constantly prepare for fruit.
Do not become like a taqsh if He suddenly looks for you.
○ If you cannot defeat the world’s temptations, you are of no use
and you will be cursed and dry up forever
like the fig called taqsh.
※ Please do not be like a taqsh that cannot defeat temptation.
The wind of this world will not stop.
Since there are always temptations, you should gain power and defeat them.