September 19, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The Duty of Husband and Wife

(Mark 10:1-12)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is love.
loved mankind and made them as His children (Jn 1:12)
and betrothed them to be like His wife (Hos 2:19-20).
Every married couple is a copy of heaven (Rev 21:9-10)
and harmony of heaven.
God made man and told them to become one body.
This is harmony between a man and a woman (Gen 2:24).
As a man is entrusted with his wife (Mt 1:18-20),
the wife is his burden and his cross.
As a wife is entrusted with her husband,
the husband is her burden and her cross (Mt 16:24).
Just as the cross is uncomfortable, difficult, and a punishment,
a husband and wife both walk slowly on this one-way path
without being satisfied or dissatisfied with each other (Eph 5:20-24).
God is the Holy One,
and though mankind are children of hell,
He betroths them in love and compassion
and is constantly patient with them until they know Him (Mt 20:27-28).
Faith is harmonizing the truth of heaven and earth’s unrighteousness
by the cost of Jesus’ blood (Hos 2:21-23).
○ God is always patient.
He is always patient with us who are weak.
○ Jesus is always patient.
He is constantly patient with His bride, who was purchased with His blood.
○ You should be patient with your wife and patient with your husband.
Leaving your wife is like leaving your faith,
and leaving your husband is like leaving your faith.
The Lord became Mediator between a husband and wife.
※ Though your personalities are different, regard this as your cross.
Like walking the slope to bleeding Golgotha,
you should be patient and endure, even forcefully.