September 12, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

Respect Each Other’s Power

(Mark 9:38-50)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is almighty.
He sent the word
to give His unique power to the world,
and the word is power (Lk 1:37).
God gave all power to His Son (Mt 28:18-20),
the Son gives power to those who believe Him (Mt 10:1),
and He works with them and surely testifies to God’s word
by the accompanying signs (Mk 16:17-20).
You do not receive God’s power for your own sake,
but for other people (Ps 147:10-15).
If you do not have power, you are a fig tree without fruit (Mk 11:13),
and the Lord and other people cannot use you.
Since God’s power is preached (Jn 1:46),
everyone should become powerful through you,
just as a small seed grows and produces hundred times more crops (1 Cor 4:20).
Opposing someone who performs miraculous powers is making them stumble.
Hanging a millstone around your neck and dying (Mk 9:42)
will rather save your spirit from fire.
If the Gospel comes to you, it should be immediately shared (Mk 16:15).
If you receive the Holy Spirit’s power, it should be preached to the whole earth (Acts 1:8).
○ Envying your brother or sister is devilish.
Do not sin with your hand, foot or eye.
Those who belong to Jesus Christ are all one body.
○ The church
is the body of Jesus Christ.
We should support each other to receive power.
○ Be faithful to your duty
and do not envy others.
Those who disturb others will go to hell.
※ Let’s love each other’s power,
encourage each other’s faith,
and stand firmly together in hope.