September 5, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

If You Want to be First

(Mark 9:33-37)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the only Father.
sent the word into the world (Mk 4:14)
to convey His will and life through the word (Lk 11:28).
You need motherhood to convey His will and life,
and those with motherhood
are the greatest and lowliest at the same time (Gen 3:15-16).
Those with motherhood are the lowliest people who serve infants (Mk 7:27-28),
and are great adults who are kept in all their descendants’ hearts (Jn 19:26).
If you do not have motherhood, you can never become a leader
and you will slowly dry like a tree without roots.
Our faith is true motherhood.
When we are in the Father,
God dwells in us (Jn 14:20).
Motherhood is life that will never change (Rev 12:17).
God’s word is motherhood,
the love of the Lord Jesus is motherhood,
and the Holy Spirit’s gifts are motherhood.
You cannot forcibly become humble.
Motherhood alone is true humility.
○ If a king does not have motherhood, he becomes a tyrant,
and if you have motherhood despite being ignorant, you are treated as a king.
This is what the love of God is like.
○ The Lord Jesus – who is the Most High – became the lowliest,
and He who sits on the highest throne took the lowliest cross.
The roots of motherhood must be deep to become a great tree.
○ If you seek a high crown, become the last person.
If you greatly care for your life, you will go to the lowest Hades,
and if you give up your life, you will receive the glory of heaven.
※ Let’s have a faith with motherhood.
Let’s protect the church with motherhood.
Let’s be the lowliest people in the church. This is eternal life.