November 28, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The First Commandment

(Mark 12:28-34)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is unique.
gave faith to the world (Heb 11:1-2)
so that one can love God (1 Jn 4:8)
and love others who love God (Jn 15:10-14).
Those who love God are His people (2 Cor 6:16-18)
and those who receive God’s love are His children (Jn 14:21).
God’s relationship with us is love (Jn 14:23-24).
Love for God is unique (Jn 17:3),
and this is because there is one Master.
However, all mankind receives His love (Jn 3:16).
This is because they are like stars in the sky and sands on the seashore.
The word ‘love’ has a selective meaning.
It is called ‘phileo’ when you love God,
and called ‘agape’ when you love your neighbor (Jn 21:15-17).
‘Phileo’ is unique. It is only for one, like your own life.
If you ‘phileo’ God, you cannot do so for others.
‘Agape’ is when you sacrifice your own life and serve everyone equally,
just like parents do not discriminate between their children.
The Lord asked ‘phileo’ from Peter.
○ The principle of the Law is love (Mt 22:37-40).
The meaning of the Gospel and truth is also love.
But since it is maternity, it is an eternal relationship
between one mother and several children.
○ When the church loves believers, it is ‘agape’,
and when it loves God, it is ‘phileo’.
○ Therefore, having no love is breaking the command.
You should keep the unique command towards God
and the mutual command towards your neighbor.
※ Since having no love is having no faith,
you cannot have a relationship with God
and your spirit cannot have a relationship with the church.