The Foundation of Faith (Hebrews 10:31)

We believe Jesus Christ is the Lord of salvation. However, what are we saved from? Eternal destruction. If this is so, where does this destruction come from? People often say the devil brings destruction. But strictly speaking, the devil is the target of destruction. God is the One who is determined to destroy the devil and those who belong to him (Mt 10:28). Accordingly, you cannot separate faith in the Lord of salvation from fearing the God of wrath.

1. Something more fearful than death

People are afraid of death. In other words, they are afraid of the body perishing. But there is something we should fear more than this – this is the destruction of the spirit. In other words, the destruction of the spirit means eternal destruction. So even if the body is destroyed, what you must avoid at all costs is the destruction of the spirit (Mt 5:30).

2. Something more precious that yourself

The person who is sure that his spirit is saved from being destroyed and will later enter eternal life has peace. No matter what difficulty he encounters, he does not shake. This is because he knows that God is with him. Because of this peace, he no longer clings to his own life but sets his heart on the work of God (Eph 5:25). And he regards the church which God purchased with His own blood as precious.

3. Someone more fearful than hardships

The church is the establishment provided so that saved spirits can overcome the authority of hades and finally reach heaven. However, church attendance does not automatically provide these benefits (Mt 15:8). If you forget to fear the God of wrath, how can you follow the Lord of salvation? And if you look down on the church, how can the Lord (who is the Head of the church) help you? Even if worldly hardships threaten us – let’s understand that God is the One we should truly fear, and obey the Savior He sent, and love the church (which is His body).

May 30, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim