November 20, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

The Love of Loving His Own people

John 13:1-2

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is love.
loves mankind and this love is unchangeable and true –
just like He loves the only begotten Son (1 Jn 4:8).
Because God’s word is love, it does not change (Dan 6:26),
because God’s name is love, it does not change (Rom 8:35),
and because God’s grace is love, it does not change (Lk 4:19).
Since God is the forever unchanging truth (Heb 6:18),
He loves our spirits, and the graceful declaration that
we are justified by His love is forever unchanging.
But though
God loves us to the last (Jn 13:1),
if we are deceived by the devil along the way,
there is no place for God’s love to stay.
We cannot escape destruction, even if we are the Lord’s disciples (Jn 6:70-71).
The thoughts that the devil gives cut us from the Lord,
persuade us to follow our own path and lead to suicide (Mt 27:3-5).
Therefore, being tempted is like suicide,
even for believers (Rom 5:12).
The Holy Spirit firmly protects our spirits.
○ A person who was with Jesus
was deceived by the devil and died.
He corrupted him so he could not believe the truth.
○ If the devil plants other ideas into
people who accepted the Lord’s love,
they can become ‘self-righteous’ and commit suicide.
○ Do not ignore the Holy Spirit and live by your own faith.
If you reject the gift that God acknowledges and gives you,
your spirit cannot be saved.
※ God’s word is the truth.
The Holy Spirit is the truth.
Jesus is the truth. Let’s resist the devil by the truth.