I am thankful to God for getting me connected with the Sungrak Church. I read some books on Demonology written by Senior Pastor Dr. Ki Dong Kim, I am truly blessed by his books. He has a very deep knowledge of deliverance ministry and of Bible practical knowledge.

This book “Let us Know Jesus”, in your hand will make sure of your salvation in a deeper way.

I read this book, the teachings, the illustrations /examples given is more eye opener for me, even after being in the ministry for more than 40 years. For example:-

“The Logos indicates a Personal Being. He is God because He was with God (Jn 1:1). Rhema refers to commands or teachings coming from the mouth of God.”

“There is no hierarchy with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen” (2 Cor 13:14). The Son can be mentioned before the Father.”

“A baby in the womb cannot see his mother. Likewise, man cannot see God with his eyes, hear Him with his ears, or touch Him with his hands. God is greater than all creation.”

“Chickens, for example, are not persons. They are merely moving organisms. No matter how much you teach animals about God, they cannot know God. No matter how much you preach to animals about God’s love, they cannot receive His love.”

“Heat is invisible to the eye, but we can feel whether the air is hot or cold when it touches our skin. In a similar way, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is invisible to human sight, but definitely present.”

“The word of God is different from food. If food could save someone who is about to die, nobody in this world would die. Food only provides nutrients to sustain the activity of the body. It can never give life.”

“God did not give us the Bible to learn from the behavior found in it. We must see Jesus in the Bible.”

“People keep failing because they do things by their own strength. Instead of trying to succeed by our own righteousness, we should succeed by the words of Jesus, the Righteous One.”

“They only emphasize Jesus being crucified 2000 years ago. They do not place importance on Jesus rising from the dead and showing He is alive today. Jesus resurrected, ascended to heaven, and continues to show He is alive by the Holy Spirit.”

“Jesus is God’s Person. He is the Image of God’s Person who showed God to man. Those who have seen Jesus have seen God. Those who have not seen Jesus have not seen God. They who do not know Jesus do not know God.”

“The Lord did not forcibly save us from the devil’s hands. He lawfully paid for our wages and purchased us.”

Follow the guidance; you will enjoy the salvation and the power of baptism of the Holy Spirit. You will be able to give answer to your questions and others also with Bible references.

Please do not live a duplicate Christian life, but enjoy the real powerful Christian life and be blessed and become a blessing to others. Amen

April 26, 2020
Pastor B. A., India