This book “Let Us Know Jesus” serves true to the name, easy to understand with deep explanation of every biblical truth in a concise but exceptional way.

The book contents are fresh taking the reader a journey from clarification of doubts to revelation of new things all in simple gesture which we might otherwise fail to think, reminding us once again how great and rich is the love of God.

Some of the points which I felt delightful to the soul are as

1- Jesus saved our souls and gave us everlasting life. Our salvation is not a mere change of ideas. It is a life-creating salvation only the Lord Himself can give

2- The Holy Spirit enabled the ability to know God sprout in man by inspiring him.

3- The difference between our faith and religion is that we rely on Almighty God and possess His power as believers.

4- Our life purpose is to experience the power of Him who is alive.

5- Glory is not created but a spiritual reality

6- No matter how much we go before God and worship Him, and no matter how much He shines His glory upon us, if our hearts are filthy with disbelief and disobedience we will not be able to reflect His glory which we received from Him. No matter how much the sun shines, a blind man cannot see tge light. Similarly those who are spiritually blinded lives a life of frustration.

7- Our spirit must be holy to see God’s glory. Only then our prayers will be delivered to God.

8- The essence of Christianity is resurrection ad that we should be filled with the life of resurrection

9- There is death in sacrifice but there is life in worship

10- God’s word is the oil which brightens the soul and Jesus is the wisdom and knowledge of Omniscient God.

I am sure this book will help many souls to be saved and pray that the Lord expands His kingdom using this book and I hope that Mr. Ki Dong Kim and team will continue to write many more leading by the Holy Spirit. I feel so blessed to have read this book and I hope other readers would feel the same too.

God Bless,

April 30, 2020
Pastor M. H.