The Experiencing of Healing after Confessing: “I Shall Not Doubt!”

My mother, my sister and I were all healed. I would like to share my testimony for God because God has given us grace and blessing.

My mother used to take medicine to relieve her severe back pain. My older sister also suffered from back pain for a long time as well. I had heart disease and my leg was always sore. Also, I could not sleep well so I felt dizzy whenever I move my head. However, we were all healed, Hallelujah! Give glory to our God.

Although I have known the truth for two years, I did not know it properly. So sometimes I was in the gospel, but also some moments I was in the Law. However, while I was listening to the message which God gave me through senior overseer Ki-Dong Kim, I realized the problem I had and the reason why I could not get healed. To be honest, I doubted that if God may answer my prayer. But after listening to the message this time, the Holy Spirit made me realize my problem. Therefore, I got to have the power of the Word and it made me have the power and faith which came from heaven. As I proclaimed “I shall not doubt God, I shall not doubt Jesus, and I shall not doubt the Holy Spirit,” we were all healed.

After I got a connection with the mother church, it feels like an old tree is sprouting. My spirit is filled with the Word and my soul is awakened. As the Word of God connects with me, I finally come to know that faith life is not about my will or conscience. Thank you to the mother church for bringing me up with the Word of God.

November 18th, 2018
From. Lee

Berean in China


Conozcamos al Espíritu Santo: Let us Know the Holy Spirit


God bless you. I read the book: Let us Know the Holy Spirit. It weighed heavily to my life and became a huge bless to me. I would like to know more about it. I need training because I was called for God’s ministry. I hope you would help me with it. Thank you very much.

November 13th, 2018
From. F. D. Portus

Spanish Version of Let us Know the Holy Spirit by 

Pastor Ki-Dong Kim


I sincerely thank you for saying hello to my family and I. I am very glad to get in touch with you. We are the family of four members. I was born in Chile and I still live here. One of my son is in graduating class of law school and another son is 24 years old, he preaches the word of God to people in Argentina as a pastor and missionary. God allows him to do it by His grace. We received the word that He will bring revival to our country, Chile.

My son’s name is Franco Figueroa. He went to Araucania in Chile to preach the word of God and start up the movement: Chile Adora, a while ago. At that time, he got the book: Let us Know the Holy Spirit as a gift from unknown brother there. The book we received from the brother shocked us and changed our lives. We want to be prepared for the work that God gave us and go through diligently and responsibly.

It will be great if we can get more of your resources about the grace of God. Besides the books, I will be very happy if there is a way to learn more and deeply from you. I am very pleased to keep in contact with you. Bless your great work on making books and sharing. Thank you so much for that. Also, thank God for His glory, the presence of His Kingdom, and His perfect Word.

With blessings,

November 17th, 2018
From. F. D. Portus

Chile, South America