“Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever”

The senior overseer of the Seoul Sungrak Church, Ki-Dong Kim, held the Special Healing Revival Crusade. The title of the revival crusade was ‘Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever’.

People had time to experience living God through the works of the Holy Spirit. The revival crusade was held three days on October 23rd to 25th, each time, about 3,000 saints participated in the revival crusade and there were few of other church members from other churches who wanted to get healed. The senior overseer Ki-Dong Kim prayed laying on of hands on about 600 people, and all the participants were able to receive demon expulsion and laying on of hands by the associate pastors as well. People who received the prayer of laying on of hands by pastor Ki-Dong Kim gave testimonies on healing from headaches, menstrual pain, starting from arms, legs, and chest pain to colorectal cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the blood, incurable diseases, etc. In a three-day sermon, senior overseer Ki-Dong Kim taught to repent of the sins of doubtful mind and lack of faith, and also to ask by faith with continuous testimony and appreciation. Especially on the last day, he emphasized that believers have to win by testifying the blood of Jesus until the end, even if the devil accuses us day and night and condemns us.


“The Sungrak People’s United Family and Thanksgiving Worship”
& “2018 Love for the Church Dedication Worship”

The Sungrak Church had a successful 49th anniversary of ‘The Sungrak People’s United Family’ and ‘2018 Love for the Church Dedication Worship’ held at the Christian World Mission Center(CWMC) in Sindorim-dong, Seoul, on November 25th. On the day, 5,000 believers across the country participated in the service voluntarily and dedicated their offering and the newcomers who were guided to the church. The founder of the Sungrak Church, senior overseer Ki-Dong Kim gave testimony, “God gave the vision, which is to train 10,000 leaders who know ‘Picture of God’s Will’ and to build the church that can accommodate more than 10,000 people. For these, I have devoted my life to ministry, dedicated truthfully, and I have founded the Independent Baptism Church thus the Holy Spirit will not be restricted by doctrine and to create the church where the Holy Spirit can freely work”. Pastor Kim’s loving heart toward the church has delivered to the saints and each one made a commitment of dedication by crying out “We are the Sungrak People”. Likewise, overseer Sung-Hyun Kim stated that it is a precious and grateful opportunity to give courage and comfort to the saints who are going through hard times by the robbed church.