About 230 students from overseas countries graduated from the Berea Academy this year. Since the Berea Academy started in 1980, the graduates have been performing great pastoral works in and out of Korea.

In the mid-1960s, Pastor Ki-Dong Kim met a professor who taught language at a theology school at Seoul National University. The professor introduced Pastor Kim to his students, and this marked the beginning of his bible studies, as he received the opportunity to conduct these studies with the students of many different theology schools. After years went by, in 1976, the bible study for theology students became much more systematically organized and was coined, Berea.  Following these events, Berea Academy started in 1978. Since then, many from all over the world have undergone further learning from these lectures and worked as spiritual leaders in their ministries.

The president of Berea Academy, Rev. Dr. Sung-Hyun Kim, delivered a congratulatory address this year. In his message, he specially requested the graduates to bear fruits as servants entrusted with the secret of God, enduring sufferings and not forgetting a teacher. And, we should be prepared to be a sincere worker of God and a vessel containing the word of Berea so that the will of God be on earth through us.