August 30, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

Be Born Again by the Holy Spirit

(John 3:1-8)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the living Master.
As He
commands our spirits,
our spirits must use all our hearts, mind, and character,
and lay down our lives to obey and submit to the Lord (Mt 16:21-24).
When we suffered in the flesh,
we wandered in utter darkness.
It was like a blind man unable to see forward.
Now, if you are not baptized, completely bury
the old self born by the flesh (Rom 6:1-5),
and become born again by the Holy Spirit – you will not be truly blessed.
‘True blessing’ is
to go wherever the Holy Spirit guides you.
Though the way and surroundings are dangerous, you are not alone.
You walk with the Holy Spirit (Jn 3:8).
This is living by God’s will and living in heaven.
Though people not born again pile up their merits by religion,
they will finally return to the dust (Gen 3:19).
Only those born again by the Holy Spirit are spiritual
and confidently enter God’s kingdom (2 Pet 1:3-11).
〇 If a person is not born again by the Holy Spirit,
he lives by the flesh, his body returns to the dust,
and his spirit cannot escape judgement.
〇 If you are born again by the Holy Spirit, your flesh may be tired,
but your spirit is spiritual and has hope.
It will live in God’s kingdom.
〇 You must be baptized and bury the old self to be born again.
God appears to those born again by the Holy Spirit –
by grace and the fullness of gifts and power.
※ If we have been baptized, let’s obey and submit,
and be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.
We must walk with Him like the wind blows.