April 10, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Believe the Gospel of the Kingdom

(Mark 16:12-16)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is always living.
He sent miraculous powers for the world’s sake
and revealed Himself through various kinds of power (Mat 9:1-8).
This showed God’s concern (Jn 3:16).
The One who dwelt in God was the Word (Jn 1:1-5).
The Word is perfect in character, wisdom and power (1 Jn 1:1-4).
He revealed heaven with power and showed His will (Mk 9:1)
– He is Jesus Christ. ‘Jesus’ is His name (Mt 6:9, Phil 2:10-11).
It is the glory of God’s throne and eternal life.
‘Christ’ refers to His entrusted duty. It is delegated authority (Jn 1:20).
Christ was revealed as man (Mt 11:2-6),
He suffered, and He performed miracles and wonders.
He has the authority to die on the cross, rise from the dead,
and finally give judgment (Mt 28:18).
It is like the duty of the King of kings (1 Tim 6:15).
God placed all creation into His hands (Heb 1:2),
and He will redeem those who are purchased with God’s blood.
When He suffered, His name went to paradise (Lk 23:43)
and Christ shed His blood and dwelt in the tomb (Lk 23:50-56).
After this, the Advocate – the Holy Spirit – does His work.
○ The Holy Spirit’s work is the work of Christ.
When Christ revealed Himself by the resurrection,
He did it through the Holy Spirit. He is with us to the end of the age.
○ The Advocate and Christ are one. After the resurrection,
the ministry of the Word (who resurrected) began.
The Advocate – who is Christ’s power – is perfect power.
○ He showed the world the truth (who resurrected),
but the disciples did not believe Him.
God is displeased with this.
※ Christ died in the land of Judea
and His resurrection occurs at the ends of the earth.
Therefore, people can instantly be baptized wherever they meet Him.