April 3, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

The Body of Jesus 

(Mark 15:42-47)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

endures forever.
sent His Son (who dwelt in His Bosom) to the world
to be punished in place of mankind (Rom 6:8-10).
Accordingly, He shed blood
on the cross and finally died (Rom 6:11-13).
After He died,
one of His disciples went to Pilate
and asked for Jesus’ body.
This does not mean ‘corpse’ but ‘soma’.
He called Him as if He was alive, indicating the dead body of a king (Mt 27:57-61).
He received permission from Pilate, wrapped Jesus’ body in linen,
and laid Him in his own tomb.
Though the Lord died, Joseph welcomed Him like He was alive.
This is the great Gospel.
Even if God’s Son died, His name is alive (Mt 28:6-7)
– so we welcome it into our spirits.
The Lord arose through the resurrection.
This is the truth (Jn 20:19-20).
Likewise, the Holy Spirit will also save us.
○ Our human spirits are like the tomb.
Who shall we welcome into these ‘tombs’ (where death reigns)?
Jesus’ name is not a corpse but a body.
○ He died on the cross, but He lives.
His name is alive and His word is alive.
Let’s not hang Jesus’ body on the cross but welcome Him.
○ Let’s welcome Him by the Spirit and by faith.
This is not welcoming the dead, but welcoming active life.
He will resurrect us from within.
※ If you are sincere believers, you will welcome the Lord.
Although He died, He does not have a corpse but a body.
He is the One who lives forever.