September 25, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Believe the Son of God

(John 9:24-41)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is almighty.
If He speaks,
all creation submits to Him
and the dead are raised to life (Jn 11:43-44).
If He proclaims salvation, the obedient will be saved (Mt 9:5-6)
but those who defy His word will not be saved (Mt 10:33).
Jesus drove out the demons with a word (Mt 8:16)
and healed the sick (Mk 1:40-42).
Even a blind man obeyed His word and opened his eyes –
something that never happened since the creation (Jn 9:32).
the world does not want to believe the Son of Man,
so they dwell under sin (Jn 9:41)
and hate to become witnesses to the works of God (Jn 9:22-24).
Jesus’ disciples believed in Him and were saved,
and Moses’ disciples believed Moses and could not be saved (Jn 9:28).
Those who have faith are saved,
those who are saved possess a testimony (2 Cor 13:5),
and God saves those who testify.
No matter what persecutions there are, do not stop speaking your testimony (Rev 12:11).
Jesus will also testify about you.
○ Believe in the Son, whom God has sent.
Those who believe and are saved will testify about Him.
○ Be a witness, even if you are banished by ‘religion’.
A time will come when the Lord judges the world.
At that time, those who acknowledge Jesus will be saved.
○ Denying Jesus will lead to condemnation.
If you do not know the One who saves, you are blind
and you will fall away and be judged.
※ Believe Jesus and testify.
Do not love your lives so much, but testify to Him.
This will be the victory that overcomes the world.