October 2, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Enter the Gate for the Sheep

(John 10:7-18)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is true love.
loved mankind and opened the gate of heaven (Jn 10:2)
to save them from sin. Salvation is entering through this gate.
Jesus Christ is the gate, and this is the gate for the sheep (Jn 10:7).
Jesus said He was the gate for the sheep
because the entryway of Jesus is found only at this gate.
Jesus suffered on the cross (Jn 3:14-16)
and arose by the resurrection (Jn 11:25).
Similarly, Jesus’ merit is the gate for the sheep (Lk 12:50).
Jesus Christ Himself died on the cross
and arose by the resurrection. Moreover, His merit is the gate of heaven.
Jesus sent the Advocate, the Holy Spirit,
from heaven (Jn 14:16),
and the Holy Spirit entered our hearts
through Jesus’ resurrection and His blood on the cross (Acts 2:38).
We also enter in the gate by His merit,
and graze on pasture and water (Jn 7:38-39).
Likewise, consider how great His suffering must have been
to attain the gate for the sheep? (Mt 16:21-23)
○ The gate for the sheep is baptism.
Since baptism is the gate of heaven, you must enter by this gate.
Jesus’ merit was His baptism.
○ Jesus was baptized to pass through this gate (Lk 12:50)
– this was His death and resurrection.
The gate for the sheep is the only gate into heaven.
○ To belong to Jesus, you must enter this gate,
and you will enter the kingdom of God.
This is baptism, and this is trusting in the Lord’s merit.
※ Jesus’ merit
was that He obeyed in regard to God’s righteousness,
and we accepted His righteousness by grace.