September 11, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Believe the Truth

(John 8:40-50)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is true.
revealed His truthfulness by the truth (Jn 14:6),
and God’s word is the truth (Jn 8:32).
There is no lie in the truth. It is life and always living (Jn 6:68).
He judges righteousness and unrighteousness (Ps 9:7-8).
God’s Son was revealed to the world
so that He could judge the world (Jn 5:22-23).
Since He is the Son of Man, He is righteous.
There is no one righteous in the world except for (Rom 3:10)
Jesus Himself (Jn 16:10).
Jesus spoke the truth (Jn 8:45-46).
But because the world cannot understand the truth,
there is no truth in them,
and whenever they speak, they speak lies. This is the essence of the devil (Jn 8:44).
The devil was a liar from the beginning and the father of lies.
Those who belong to God speak truthfully (Jn 8:47),
but those belonging to the world speak about the world, for they are children of the devil.
Therefore, they ignore the truth and want to kill.
○ The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth
and testifies about Jesus.
The One who accepts the Holy Spirit’s testimony is the truth.
○ Jesus is a descendant of Abraham
and the Jews are descendants of Abraham.
Yet Jesus was born from heaven and the Jews were born from the earth.
○ Though the One who came from heaven spoke truthfully,
those who are born from the earth speak lies. This is the nature of their father, the devil.
Those who love the spirit believe in truthful words.
※ Those who believe truthful words belong to the spirit.
Those belonging to the flesh speak about the flesh, and this is death,
and people belonging to the spirit speak about the spirit, and this is eternal life.