January 5, 2020 God’s Will be Done on Earth (Matthew 6:9-10)

God’s Word
is perfect.
sent His Word to the world. He is the glory of the Only Begotten Son.
Only Jesus is full of grace and truth (Jn 1:14).
God’s Word is perfect.
Since He reaps what He sows, He is righteous (Jn 15:1-2).
God’s Word came down to the earth from heaven.
According to God’s will, He died and rose again.
He went up to heaven and sat at God’s right hand.
He sanctified God’s name and dwells there.
This is how He fulfilled God’s will in heaven (Acts 2:31-36).
The earnest wish of Jesus
is to fulfill God’s will on earth as it was fulfilled in heaven (Mt 16:15-19).
The Word became flesh and fulfilled this will.
To fulfill this will on earth like it was fulfilled in heaven,
He sent the Holy Spirit (Jn 16:7-14).
So His word will not fall to the floor but be fulfilled,
the Holy Spirit makes us know, remember and understand it (Jn 14:26).
Jesus is the Word who became flesh and fulfilled God’s will.
In the same way, the Holy Spirit sets up the Church on earth by God’s Word.
○ The evil doers who hung on the cross had their legs broken.
But Jesus’ legs were not broken.
God’s Word does not get distorted (Jn 19:31-33).
○ The countless languages on the earth have no life.
They are not God’s Word.
Only the Word who rose again and ascended is the truth.
○ God’s Word is perfect and receives glory.
Man’s language on the earth has been trodden on.
Distinguish God’s perfect Word from worldly language.
※ These are Baptists:
Those who perfectly fulfill God’s Word
and fulfil the Church by this Word.