April 12, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

Receive Life

(Luke 23:39-43)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is life.
loved the world to give them eternal life.
God’s love is eternal life (Jn 3:16-17).
Those who receive God’s love receive eternal life.
If you reject God’s love, you will perish (Jn 3:18).
All mankind’s spirits are sinners (Mk 4:17).
They bear the punishment of sin and await judgment.
Look at Jesus hanging on the cross and the two thieves on either side.
The punishment of these three crosses are death (Rom 5:17).
One among them is sinless and awaits the resurrection.
Another person has no righteousness of his own –
he trusts Jesus, unites with Him and attains to Paradise (Rom 5:18).
Another person has no righteousness of his own and does not repent –
he cannot gain faith and is eternally cursed (Rom 6:23).
Our faith
is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Righteous One.
He is God’s Son (Mt 3:17).
Though we have no righteousness, we must trust the Lord Jesus
by faith again and again (Eph 2:8).
The Lord Jesus is resurrection (Jn 11:25).
○ The Holy Spirit
came on us by the Lord Jesus’ resurrection.
○ The sins of those who believe in Jesus have died on the cross.
We became God’s children
who are justified by Jesus’ righteousness and have no sin.
○ God’s children gain the first resurrection.
They will be brides of Jesus
and live eternally in heaven.
※ This is reality and not philosophy.
Religion is philosophy and not reality. It will perish.
Those who believe in Jesus’ name will live forever.