January 2, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Stay Alert

(Mark 13:24-37)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the One who works.
did His work in the world
and entrusted His work to servants (Mt 24:44-51).
As our Master is spirit (which is invisible to our fleshly eyes) (Jn 4:24),
He entrusted it to those who can see the visible world (Gen 2:7-15).
the Lord’s servants should serve by spirit according to the Master’s truth,
and since the world handles visible flesh, it serves using visible things (Mt 6:19-24).
Because Jesus is the Mediator (1 Tim 2:5-6)
between the invisible One and those who are visible (Jn 1:18),
He is the Man who came as Immanuel
and He is God’s Son (Mt 1:23).
Achieving harmony between God and man and working together
fulfils God’s will (Heb 9:5).
We should now do the work He entrusted – and when He suddenly comes –
He wants to meet us while we are being faithful (1 Cor 4:1).
no one knows that time and period (Acts 1:7)
because it is set by God the Father’s authority (Mt 24:36).
○ Times and dates are found only in the order of the universe.
Since God goes beyond time and space, He acts according to His will.
God’s will has authority, so only He knows.
○ The faith of the Christian Church does not prophecy times and dates,
but believes the work of God and obeys.
Speaking of times and dates is the attribute of false prophets.
○ The Holy Spirit makes His assertions and
dwells in our hearts. Our hearts accept His inspiration and obey.
The Holy Spirit’s ministry does not choose times and dates.
※ So He says, “Stay alert always.”
Doing this is believing and waiting for God (Rev 22:20-21).
Let’s make the most of the time and be faithful to our entrusted lives of faith.